Is it okay to hire a prostitute

Düsseldorf (dpa / lnw) - Because prostitutes in a Düsseldorf hotel are said to have continued to offer their services despite Corona restrictions and tourists were also guests, the city cleared and sealed the house. While checking a prostitute on Wednesday evening, security staff noticed a hotel near the train station where their ID was supposed to be. The city announced on Friday that there were other officially known prostitutes among the 14 guests. In the hotel the prostitutes would both live and offer sexual acts.

The owner of the hotel business showed herself to be "haphazard" and "disinterested" during the inspection. "She stated that she could not give any information about the number of guests, nor about how long they would stay there or plan to stay. Payment receipts could not be found either," the city said. The public order office then vacated and sealed the hotel.

The city wants to examine further consequences after the closure because the hotel was open for tourist purposes and prostitution was carried out there. In a decree of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, prostitution facilities, brothels and similar facilities are named among the facilities and services that are to be closed or discontinued from March 16. Accommodation offers for tourist purposes are prohibited according to the instructions of the state.