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Just as impressive was the recently concluded Asian Social Forum (ASF), which took place from January 2nd to 7th in the historic Indian city of Hyderabad and registered over 14,000 participants, mainly from the host country, although participants also came from 41 other countries .

From day one, the mood was electrified.

The site of Nizam College, the main venue for the conference, was filled with the drumbeats and chants of mini-demonstrations for almost every moment of the five-day event marathon.

Equally impressive was the recently concluded Asian Social Forum (ASF) that took place in the historic city of Hyderabad, India, from January 2 to 7, which drew over 14,400 registered participants, mostly from the host country, though there was representation from 41 other countries.

The atmosphere was electric from the first day of the event.

During almost every minute of the five-day marathon, drumbeats and chants of mini-rallies filled the air at the Nizam College grounds, the main site of the conference.