What does the symbol of infinity mean

Meaning and origin of the infinity symbol

We all know what the infinity symbol looks like, but very few of us know the power it holds.

Infinity is the concept of eternity or Limitlessness, which is most widely used in math and physics.

The very first person to write about the concept of infinity was Archimedes more than 2,300 years ago. In 1655, the English mathematician John Wallis actually introduced the infinity symbol.

Have you ever wondered why this sign so special is and it is so nowadays popular has become? What secret is hidden behind this simple yet mysteriously beautiful symbol?

The infinity symbol is perhaps one of the most popular and farthest common symbols in both science and the occult arts, representing the immeasurable and limitless.

With this term something can be Big, Eternal and Limitless describe. The universe is infinite and many religions believe that God is infinite.

Meaning of the infinity symbol

The infinity symbol has been in use for more than a thousand years and represents the eternal in the universe and the cosmos around it.

The infinity sign is also sometimes called Lemniscates denotes and stands for a line that never ends.

This character can be drawn in one continuous motion, making a rocking motion of clockwise and counterclockwise loops.

These loops mirror the balance of opposites against: male and female, day and night, dark and light.

Since the circles of the lemniscate are next to each other, the sign implies the equality of these opposing forces. The sign embodies the idea of ​​gender and also stands for Wholeness and completion.

The infinity symbol looks like a horizontal version of the number 8 and represents the concept of eternity, endless and unlimited.

Therefore it is believed that this symbol comes from the Number 8 descends. This number symbolizes eternity, balance and cosmic order and it has always been a very important symbol in many ancient cultures, especially in the Far East.

The original meaning of the infinity symbol refers to the union of man and woman, duality and perfection. This follows the Indian and Tibetan tradition which uses the infinity symbol as an expression of the balance between man and woman.

There are many very popular uses of the infinity sign in this day and age, e.g. in Jewelry design, Tattoos, Wall art, dress, decoration, accessories and much more.

This symbol has a special and very powerful meaning for couples in love, as it is believed that it is a Promise of everlasting love represents. Because the infinity sign is so simple and meaningful, it is growing in popularity today.

The infinity sign can also be used as a remedy. By visualizing or drawing the lemniscate as a symbol, we can use it on any part of the body wherever balance and harmony are necessary.

When we feel bad or sickly, we can write “health” on an infinity symbol and carry it with us.

Its effect can be felt through the energetic field of our skin and in our entire interior. Besides, it can do us Helping you make important life decisions be and help us our to draw inner strength.

But the infinity symbol is more than a source of power, there is much that people do not know about the rich and magical history of this amazing symbol.

1. It symbolizes the divine power

The symbolism of infinity comes from the great Uraeus, which denotes the cobra (manifestation of the goddess Wadjet).

The crown goddess Wadjet is the land and patron goddess of Lower Egypt and a symbol of Egyptian royalty. The Uraei is commonly known as the symbol of God's power worn by pharaohs or gods and goddesses.

During the coronation of the pharaohs, one was not a king or queen until they were crowned by this divine serpent. This symbolic act means that unless you have real power, you will never have that recognizes divine power within.

Wadjet is also the goddess of the Nile. In ancient Egypt, the Nile was not just a river. He symbolized all blessings and divine gifts that came from God.

In addition, the Nile was a “mirror” of the Milky Way, reflecting the blessings beyond this earth, beyond this realm.

Interestingly, the Nile was also connected not only to this realm, not only to space, but also to the hereafter. When certain astrological alignments take place, the gate of the underworld opens or closes.

2. Uraeus serpent

The uraeus serpent is a ancient egyptian protection symbolthat is shown in the form of a golden cobra. It probably goes back to the ancient Egyptian Iaret, which means "the Risen".

The snake symbolically takes the position ∞. The risen Uraeus, the eye of the sun, is ready to claim his power and defend what needs to be defended.

So he is ready to fight against darkness and oblivion. Therefore, the symbol of infinity is a symbol of our endless life experience and incarnations and calls us to to get up like Uraeus and to recognize our divinity and claim our magic.

3. Ouroboros

Ouroboros is an ancient Egyptian symbol of a snake that bites its own tail and thus forms a closed circle.

The Ouroboros is symbolized for eternal life uses and represents the endless cycle of birth, death and rebirth This ancient symbol is also considered a highly plausible basis for the infinity symbol because it is a fitting representation of infinity.

The secret lesson is that we are obliged to repeat our incarnationsif we stick to this realm. A witch (i.e., an awakened one) should realize that this life offers all sorts of experiences that can be lessons for the awakening should be received.

Once we are awakened, we can end the circle of infinite incarnations, just as many ancient religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism teach.

4. It comes from the last Greek letter Omega

Some scientists claim that John Wallis may have used the last Greek letter ω as the source for creating the infinity sign.

In addition, in Christian iconography, Jesus Christ is symbolized as the alpha and omega (A & Ω), which represents the beginning and the end of time.

However, since God and time are infinite, the letter omega (ω) became the infinity symbol around the Continuity beyond the end to call.