Why do I always have energy

I have no more strength - what can I do?

Many people have at one point - or again and again - the feeling that they no longer have any strength in the course of their lives. There are also certain phases in life or situations that are particularly exhausting. But what exactly is robbing us of our energy and how can we regain it independently?

Physical weakness

First of all, it is important to distinguish whether we have the feeling that we no longer have any physical or mental strength. When we are physically out of strength, we may want to catch up on sleep, rest, and lie on the couch for a while. It is important to give the body what is good for it and what it needs. This can include healthy eating and exercise. That may sound like a contradiction in terms, but we can also feel physically weak if we haven't been active enough. The important thing is: Listen to your body and to yourself, what it could need and try out what leads to physical well-being in your situation.

Mental weakness

It gets a little trickier when the feeling of no more power does not arise from the body but from the psyche. When we physically run out of strength, many people at some point react with symptoms of illness that we can clearly identify: Aha, I have a cold and I should definitely rest.

When we are psychologically no longer able to do so, however, we often overlook and ignore the signs of it. This is also one of the reasons why psychological problems can at some point express themselves physically, because we can better interpret these symptoms and react to them. But we sometimes ignore psychological warning signals such as irritability, lack of concentration, fears or reduced performance for a long time. When we admit to ourselves that we really have no more strength, it has usually already been some time and the psychological warning signals can solidify. So how can we take countermeasures in good time?

No more strength: take note of warning signals

Imagine you are driving to Spain by car. You're looking forward to the sun and the beach and the drive is also problem-free. You might even hear loud music, sing along - but suddenly the car stops. Such a crap! You have the "ping!" the fuel gauge simply has not been heard or seen. Now the gasoline (or the battery) is empty. There is nothing to be done, you should have found a gas station in time.

It is the same with our psyche. Like loud music in a car, sometimes a lot of things - pleasant and unpleasant - distract us from listening to us and “refueling” in good time.

The daily gas station

There are very different psychological warning signals that you are running out of energy. Perhaps you first notice a slight inner restlessness, worries, negative thoughts, you feel stressed, quickly get out of your skin or are exhausted, sad and feel an inner emptiness. Also, see if you have thoughts like, "I'll just run out of strength soon." Often our psyche expresses itself very clearly - we just have to listen.

This listening works best if you take the time to do it every day. To use the car comparison again: Just head for a gas station every day as a precaution.

In practice, it can look like you take about five minutes at least once a day to listen to yourself:

💡 Sit down comfortably and ask yourself: How am I today? You can close your eyes while doing this. Just wait to see which answers come up and make it dependent on whether and how much you should "fill up" on that day.

How do you recharge your batteries?

How people prefer to recharge their batteries most effectively is very different. A good guide is the way we have used our energy. The point is to create opposing worlds. This means that if we have spent a long time concentrated at the desk, we can regain our strength through movement or activities that do not require our concentration. If we were active instead, gained a lot of impressions and talked to different people, we can relax while being alone and calming down.

Many of us equate relaxation with relaxation, but it doesn't have to be the case. Activities such as sport or learning a foreign language can also help us feel empowered again. You can find out more about recovery in our article Preventing burnout.

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