What does Matlab do better than Python

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Post Sun Nov 06, 2016 08:17 am

christophe wrote:It's just "inviting"
The question is, what yardstick you set for the definition of "inviting". What you seem to expect is a comprehensive program package with a graphical environment that allows you to do calculations, create graphics and that provides a simple programming language. Python itself is first of all "just" a (modern, elegant) programming language with which you can implement command line tools as well as web or desktop applications, which each do all kinds of tasks. The programming tool of choice for many Python programmers is, in my opinion, simply the preferred text editor, rather than a full-blown IDE. Python is relatively popular in the field of scientific computing because there are program libraries like Numpy or Pandas that allow efficient computing from Python; In addition, I could imagine that Python has a relatively intuitive syntax that is considered to be quite easy to learn. Furthermore, as mentioned by others in the thread above, there are various tools that are intended to facilitate use in this area, or perhaps even based on relevant software and that use Python as the programming language. Without all of this, Python is just a programming language; therefore, pure Python may not seem particularly inviting to you if the yardstick is "a graphic program package for scientific computing". When the benchmark is "generally applicable programming language", things look very different again