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As nice as it is to have your own four walls, the work involved seems annoying. We are talking about the daily or weekly cleaning of the rooms. In order not to have to lend a hand themselves, many resort to the convenient option of hiring a cleaner. The current cleaning service test reflects how labor-saving and purely the use of such a service is.

More than four million domestic helpers in Germany

According to estimates by the Federal Ministry of Finance, more than go four million employees the profession of Home help to. Often this regulation is dealt with without signing any contracts and paying a small fee. With this agreement, very few clients consider the unlawful predicament they are putting themselves in. Finally, the incorrect registration of the cleaning staff turns out to be illegal employment or undeclared work. By employing a cleaner illegally, the client not only has to fear criminal consequences, but also expect them hefty fines between 5,000 and 25,000 euros.

Advantages of an online cleaning lady

Those who use domestic help usually do not have to worry about high costs. This is because this is often set without registration, so that no taxes or other fees have to be paid to the state. If you book the cleaner online, however, you will avoid any trouble with the tax authorities and the insurance company. Because the portal operator takes care of everything else, such as checking the requirements for cleaning aids and the existence of a trade license. They are also the point of contact when it comes to issues such as insurance cover for cleaning aids and the final bill.

DISQ selects the best online portals in 2017

The German Institute for Service Quality carried out a survey on the most popular online portals in Germany. The survey focused on the opinions of customers in the following areas:

  • Offer and service: 40 percent
  • Customer service: 25 percent
  • Internet presence: 25 percent
  • Willingness to recommend: 10 percent

Reviews were received for nine cleaning service companies (source).

Winner of the cleaning service test 2017 are the providers Betreut.de and Helpling.Both have a good rating.

Cleaning service test of the German Society for Consumer Studies (DtGV)

At the beginning of December 2016, the DtGV published a test in which three online cleaning service providers were scrutinized. Book A Tiger, HappyMaids and Helpling have been regarding their qualities in the fields

  • Costs (25 percent weighting),
  • Transparency and security (10 percent weighting),
  • Cleaning quality (40 percent weighting) and
  • Service (25 percent weighting) rated.

Test winner was the cleaning service Helpling, who just barely missed a very good rating with a grade of 1.6. Helpling took first place in three areas (prices, transparency and cleaning quality). The quality of the cleaning is at Helpling also by far the best. For this, the provider receives a very good Rating of 1.1 and leaves the competition far behind. HappyMaids took 2nd place with a grade of 1.9 and Book a tiger is in third place with a grade of 2.2 (source).

Testing cleaning services at Süddeutsche - March 2016

In its cleaning service test (03/2016), the Süddeutsche Zeitung tested to what extent the different cleaning services ensured a radiantly clean home. For this they have commissioned a basic cleaning without additional services. The number of hours was based on the recommendations of the providers. On the basis of these contract details, a 50 m² apartment, consisting of a kitchen, two rooms, balcony and bathroom, was cleaned every ten weeks. Criteria such as offer, booking process, service and result were included in the evaluation.

Based on these criteria, the cleaning concept of the following providers was examined more closely:

  • Clean agents
  • Book A Tiger
  • Helpling
  • Mr. Cleaner
  • Happy maids

Clean agents - quick and clean

If you want to use the service of the provider Clean Agents, you only have to provide a few details about the location, time, cleaning duration and frequency. Additional services such as ovens, windows and refrigerators, laundry and ironing activities are included an additional 30 to 60 minutes extra calculated. If you have any questions, you can contact the well-known hotline or write to the advisor Ralf in the active chat window. When using detergents, the cleaners use cheap detergents, which the customer with additional ten euros will be billed. These costs can be saved by using the in-house cleaner.

Immediately and quickly

Appointments are possible for clean agents on the next day. However, the costs per hour are often higher because well-booked days with clean agents cost more anyway. It is therefore advisable to use the cleaning service in the long term, which can also be booked for the weekend. Clean Agents impress with their pronounced sense of service. As soon as they get in the door, they put them down and immediately wave a mob around them. If the job envisages a time requirement of 2.5 hours, the staff disappeared after just two hours of cleaning.

Clean performance at moderate prices

Even if you do not keep your contractual working hours 100 percent, the result is definitely impressive in the end. Every corner shines with cleanliness. The floors are vacuumed and mopped. In addition, they dusted the shelves, the garbage cans are emptied and both the bathroom and kitchen shine like new. Who clean agents for the duration of 2.5 hours can be cleaned, pays a proud price of 42.50 euros, where the Hourly rate at 12 euros begins.

Book A Tiger - a complicated path to becoming a cleaner

Booking with Book A Tiger is a little more difficult. Because until he has finally booked a cleaner, the customer has to work his way through a number of input masks. These ask for information such as location, time, duration, frequency and additional services. If an additional service is agreed, the customer can expect as with clean agents additional costs between 30 and 60 minutes. In contrast to clean agents, Book A Tiger requires the cleaning staff to be able to use the customers' cleaning agents.

Punctuality is essential

When making an appointment, it becomes clear that Book A Tiger's service is not for emergencies. The service can only be booked two days in advance - even on weekends. When selecting the cleaning staff, Book A Tiger relies on personal interviews and tests. In doing so, they work towards that Minimum wage for a building cleanerwho currently 9.80 euros per hour amounts. The cleaning staff impress with their extraordinary punctuality, which comes into play in the test on the wrong day. So the cleaning staff was at the door at eight o'clock on Sunday morning, even though she was only called on Monday. The cleaner probably mixed up the date of her client and disappeared again. The next day she arrived punctually at the client's premises and first inspected the apartment and all of the furniture before starting work.

Dust is ignored

The test shows that Book A Tiger is not suitable for those who are allergic to house dust. The floors may be shiny, balconies swept and the rubbish cleared away. However, there is still dust on the shelves accompanied by cobwebs. When using Book A Tiger, the customer pays for a cleaning campaign of three hours a price of 59.70 euros. They start depending on the frequency and city Prices at 12.90 euros per hour.

Helpling - top performance at reasonable prices

As with the previous providers, the customer can expect the usual booking procedure at Helpling, which asks for data such as postcode, frequency, hours, address and additional services. Once all the selection criteria have been met, Helpling admits the decision to discard some cleaning candidates. With regard to the actual cleaning activity, the relevant cleaning agents must be made available by the client.

Appointment under lead time, qualified staff

When making an appointment, the test reflects a delicate situation for the client. Thus can no appointments within two days to be agreed. If you have a specific date for cleaning your own four walls, you should already do so two weeks in advance book. This also enables work on weekends. When it comes to the selection of its cleaning staff, Helpling demonstrates its passion for quality. Your cleaners go through a multi-stage review process before they are accepted into the Helpling workforce. In addition, when their work is done, they are rated online by their clients, who receive one for their work Hourly wages, which between 10.32 and 13.52 euros levels off. The special thing about the workforce is that they are used to Half with men is busy.

You can eat off the floor without professional cleaning agents

When examining the service, it became apparent that the Helpling employees do not have to clean immediately with the usual cleaning utensils such as feather duster. In the test, the Helpling cleaner was satisfied with a cleaning cloth. Although the cleaning staff was only satisfied with a cleaning cloth, the result of the cleaning is quite impressive. The apartment shines in new splendor and at a low cost. Anyone who books the Helpling service pays for three hours a price of 50.70 euros. Depending on the city's location and frequency, there is a Hourly rate of 12.90 euros towards the customer.

Mr. Cleaner - ideal for time-conscious people

By booking the cleaning service from Mr. Cleaner, impatient people can use a slide control to determine which rooms in their home should be cleaned. Then enter the address and the booking of the cleaner is ready. In contrast to the other providers, Mr. Cleaner uses its own cleaning products. These are discount and professional cleaning agents. Vacuum cleaners, cloths, pullers and mobs are also brought by the cleaning staff.

Urgent cleaning operations are not a problem

If you look at the appointment schedule, this proves to be particularly advantageous for those in a hurry. In emergencies, this can even be booked for the same day. Who does the services Sunday want to take advantage of, must have one 100 percent surcharge numbers. The Mediation the cleaning staff takes place via contractors. Mr. Cleaner checks the qualifications of the cleaning staff through discussions and tests. Here the workforce of Mr. Cleaner consists of more than 90 percent are menWhen performing the cleaning service, the test reveals that Mr. Cleaner advocates proper order processing. In this context, the cleaning man arrives at the client's premises on time and begins the booked cleaning service without any further communication. After about half of the agreed cleaning time, the cleaner is finished and gone again.

Wiping is not on the cleaning schedule

The result of the cleaning service provided by Mr. Cleaner gives even flat share residents the feeling of being finicky. The cleaner vacuumed, but not moped. The sinks were wiped, but not free of lime. Whoever uses the services of Mr. Cleaner pays for 2.5 hours a price of 42.50 euros. The prices start with you Hourly rate of 12 euros at.

Happy Maids - perfect against dirt

Happy Maids advertises their cleaning service on the basis of packages that are not obvious at first glance. But if you click through the numerous additional services advertised such as high-pressure terrace cleaning, nano-sealing, etc., the rest of the booking takes place relatively quickly. The cleaning staff perform the cleaning with theirs own professional equipment.

The vacation entitlement of the cleaning staff is regulated

With regard to the allocation of appointments, Happy Maids are very flexible, so a commitment already from the following daypossible is. However, the time window for your cleaning service is limited to Monday to Saturday. As a rule, female cleaners are sent to the missions. These are trained and maintained in advance in seminars ten to eleven euros per hour. In contrast to the other providers, the cleaning staff at Happy Maids Vacation entitlement.

The procedure is explained

When cleaning the apartment, it is noticeable that the cleaning staff with a lot Attention to detail work and deal with Expertise cleaning your own four walls. Even before the cleaner starts the actual cleaning, explained them to their client their approach. After about three hours, the apartment will shine in new splendor.

Lime and dirt are history

The result of the cleaning service is impressive. Dust, limescale and stains seem like never before. One is with cleaning dissatisfied, can a Post-cleaning be initiated. If you want to use the cleaning services of Happy Maids, you pay for it Basic package a price of 89 euros. Billing takes place according to packages that have one Hourly rate of 30 euros turn off.

Cleaning service tested at Stiftung Warentest - November 2014

Stiftung Warentest (11/2014) also took a closer look at how well the online agents for cleaning aids keep their promise of cleanliness. For this purpose, they have entrusted five different cleaning services with cleaning the apartment for ten cleaning units. Her attention fell on the following cleaning services:

  • Book a tiger
  • Clean agents
  • Helpling
  • Homejoy
  • Cleaning fairy

On the whole, the cleaning services provided by the various providers are very disappointing. Only in four of the ten agreed appointments were the owners able to find that the apartment was clean according to the advertising message. The testers found that the cleaning service was far from working with the attention to detail that they initially assured. If you took a look at the small print of the service contracts, they did not reveal any connection between the advertising promise and the actual service focus towards customers. For example, the provider Homejoy advertises cleaning in 60 seconds. This time interval refers at most to the booking of a cleaner. In contrast, the services of a cleaning staff are available from the following day at the earliest. Anyone who books cleaning assistance through the Book A Tiger, Helpling or Putzfee portals can only expect to be used on the next day. In contrast, cleaning services such as Helpling or Homejoy are much more transparent in that availability is displayed at the time of booking.

Cleaning staff almost unknown

The test also reveals that the cleaning staff employed remained virtually undetected. Only the first name of the cleaner will be revealed to the customer when booking. During the order dates, the testers made the acquaintance of cleaning aids who barely spoke German. As a result, they were often greeted with the following sentence: "English please".

No absolute guarantee of cleanliness

All commissioned portals advertise the placement of qualified and certified cleaning staff. But if you take a closer look at their general terms and conditions, it becomes apparent that they do not guarantee a proper service or further promises. For example, Homejoy asks its customers to show ID and certificates from the cleaning staff. Through this test, the apartment owners realized that they were facing a cleaning worker who wanted to supplement their pocket money before starting their studies. After she left the apartment to be cleaned, it was noticed that she had overlooked the dust in the corners. A similar situation happened to the testers who used the services of clean agents. They met a worn out woman who did her work quickly. In this context she only stayed an hour and a half instead of the agreed two hours. In addition, customers were billed ten euros for the cleaning agents. She also served the cleaning staff on the customers' washing-up liquid, which she used to clean the floor, toilet and surfaces.

Asserted security is not reliable

With promises like "Your safety is our priority" or similar, the providers secure the trust placed in their cleaning staff. Here, the providers show that they scrutinize the certificates and work permits of their workforce on a random basis.

No to illegal employment

The provider Clean Agents states in its terms and conditions that customers face criminal consequences in the event of undeclared work. If you want to make sure that there is no retroactive social security obligation, you should get a confirmation of the independent work of your cleaner.

Tax benefits are unclear

It is also unclear whether the tax authorities recognize the providers' bills as a household-related service. The problem arises here that the cleaning services collect the invoice amount and, after deducting the commission, pay it directly to the cleaner. However, the Income Tax Act provides that the payment is transferred directly to the account of the service provider, in this case the cleaner.

Not free from flaws

Regardless of what the general terms and conditions of the individual providers provide, they must at least keep their advertising promises such as punctuality and cleanliness. One tester was left out in the rain without prior notice and was not seen by any cleaner. Discussions in numerous Internet forums also criticize the unreliability and unprofessional performance of the cleaning services. To what extent the customers were satisfied with the respective cleaning service, the providers checked in a wide variety of ways. For example, after cleaning, customers receive an email from Homejoy asking them to rate the cleaner. The customer ratings have a major impact on the cleaning staff's employment. If the cleaning service is rated positively, the cleaning staff receives a higher hourly wage in return.

Complaints give up hurdles

Regardless of which cleaning service the order is placed, the contract is concluded between the customer and the cleaning staff commissioned. If something breaks in the household, only the cleaner can be held accountable. Nevertheless, providers such as Book A Tiger, Homejoy, Helpling and Putzfee insure their forces against any incidents. Cleaning services such as Book A Tiger and Helpling combine this insurance cover with one Deductible between 150 and 200 euros. In contrast, clean agents only make a recommendation for insurance. In the worst case, the Kraft has no insurance coverage.

Liability in the event of damage

When hiring a cleaner, the question of liability arises if something breaks. Helpling includes liability insurance (liability insurance in the test) in the commission that the cleaning staff usually pay to the company. Homejoy also includes liability insurance in the amount of 3.5 million one that assumes damage as a result of property damage or theft. If you take a look at the general terms and conditions of the cleaning service, you will notice a different perspective. In this regard, they only wanted to accept damage as a gesture of goodwill, which was not reimbursed after endless e-mail traffic.

Terms of use are not always transparent

When households consider booking a cleaner, they often do not know what they are getting into. For example, Homejoy makes it clear in its terms and conditions that clients expose themselves to cleaning services that may be harmful or dangerous. In addition, consumer advocates criticize the fact that the customer is not made transparent that they actually conclude two contracts, one with the cleaning service and one with the cleaner.

Selection of cleaning staff

Before the cleaning staff are active for one of the cleaning services mentioned, they must first go through a selection process. This consists of an online test that puts your knowledge to the test. Applicants are also required to submit a certificate of good conduct, a trade license and a reference letter.

Working conditions are under criticism

Many of the cleaning staff employed had already made a living doing cleaning before they were hired, while housewives and students, for example, want to use it to improve their financial situation. However, the dream of big money still lingers. Cleaning staff who work for the Helpling service have to pay their hourly rate of 14.90 euros Pay 20 percent commission to the serviceso that their hourly wage levels off at a rate of 11.90 euros. The employees at Homejoy, who can rely on an hourly rate of 11.80 euros after deduction, expect a similar commission. However, the hourly wage increases steadily with the years of service. Based on their hourly wages, they still have to pay social security contributions such as health insurance (statutory health insurance in the test), pension and long-term care insurance (long-term care insurance in the test). This does not include the travel time either. This leaves the cleaning staff with a net hourly wage of eight euros. The building cleaning association also criticizes the working conditions. Because the work is done on an independent basis, the providers circumvent collective agreements and compliance with the minimum wage.