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LED strips

Here you can find out everything you need to know about the LED strips available on the market. They are also called LED strips, LED light strips, LED strips or LED light tubes. You will learn more about 12 volt and 24 volt LED strips and their technology. Pros and cons in terms of tension. You will also be informed about the abbreviations CoB, CCT, RGB, RGBW and RGB + CCT LED strips here on my website. You will also learn more about the individual LED chips such as 5050, 2835, 3528, 3014 and 5630.

Are there single-color LED strips?

Yes, there are single-color LED strips in 12 volt and 24 volt technology. Monochrome here means that the light strip can only emit a single color that you have to select beforehand. You can choose between warm white, neutral white and daylight white. You also know the light color warm white from the well-known light bulb. The light emitted by the light bulb corresponds to approx. 3000 Kelvin, i.e. warm white. This range starts at around 2700 Kelvin.

You are also familiar with neutral white light, you know it from the old fluorescent tubes, these often shine in neutral white, which is approx. 4000 Kelvin. Daylight white is relatively unknown, it is with blue components in the emitted light and is supposed to promote concentration and motivation. It is daylight white when exposed to sunlight and is approx. 6500 Kelvin. The single-color LED strips may not do much, but they can do what they can very well. Since the LED chip in single-color LED strips is designed for only one light color, they can emit this light color perfectly. Here you will find the single-colored LED strips

What is a CoB LED strip?

CoB is an abbreviation and stands for Chip on Board. CoB has been known to connoisseurs for a long time; this process is used for high-performance LED modules. With CoB LED strips, the phosphor is not applied directly to the small LED chips, but the entire CoB LED strip is covered with it. LED strips are often used for indirect or direct lighting, the strip is often directly visible, or it is glued into an aluminum profile provided for this purpose. The only annoying thing about it is that you can see the light points when you switch on the strip, but this is often undesirable and also annoying.

Now you went there and increased the number of LED chips on the LED strip, but that didn't bring the perfect result either. Now we have arrived at the CoB LED strips and if you want a continuous LED light strip without being able to see transitions, you can now use the CoB LED illuminants. If you now install the CoB LED light bar in an aluminum profile with an opal cover, it looks almost perfect. Since a lot of small LED chips are put together very close to each other in the CoB LED strip, this is of course very beneficial for a good light image and you should soon no longer be able to see any points of light. This way to the CoB LED strips

What is an RGB LED strip?

An RGB LED strip is a light strip that has LED chips built in, which can emit the basic colors. The basic colors are red, green and blue, this is what the abbreviation RGB stands for in front of the LED strip. With an RGB LED strip you have the possibility to mix the colors with each other. Mixing the colors creates millions of color mixes that you can then set with a remote control and an LED RGB controller. That is the advantage of an RGB light bar. The disadvantage of such a light strip is that it cannot reproduce perfect white light.

What does RGBW LED strip mean?

This LED light bar is similar to the RGB bar. With the RGBW LED strip, only the W is added and that means that this strip can also reproduce the color white. Again, you can choose which white the RGBW LED strip should contain. The selection is mostly limited to warm white, neutral white and daily white. Another LED chip is attached to the light strip, this is only responsible for one color, to be very precise, responsible for a white. You have to choose beforehand which variant of RGBW strips you want, because the LED chip that is responsible for the white light can only emit a white light color. This is the reason why this selection exists. Here you can find the RGBW products

What does CCT LED strip mean?

A CCT LED strip can only do one thing and it can do that really well. A CCT strip can only emit white light. CCT comes from the English and means correlated color temperature. This type of light strip can have light colors in the range 2700 Kelvin up to 6500 Kelvin. A CCT lamp can therefore cover the entire spectrum from warm white to daylight white. To control a CCT LED strip, you need a special LED CCT controller. This controller has several connections at the output for the lamp, so that all light colors can be reproduced.

RGB + CCT LED strips

That you have already learned what the individual light strips can do and what the names of these strips are, you can certainly imagine what this LED strip can do. You already guessed it, an RGB + CCT strip can do everything that these individual RGB and CCT strips can do. The difference is that everything has been integrated into one LED strip. So you can create a few million light colors and, if necessary, switch to white light.

LED strips with radio remote control

So that you can control your LED strip with a radio remote control, you need a so-called LED controller. The LED strip is connected to the output of this controller, the controller in turn is operated with a power supply unit, which forwards the voltage to the LED strips. Now you can teach a suitable radio remote control to this controller. Once this is done, the LED strip can be conveniently operated with the radio remote control. Here we show you our selection of radio remote controls.

Can you connect an LED strip to motion detectors?

Yes you can. Let's assume you have a single-colored LED strip that you want to switch via a motion detector. Install your LED strip in the place where you want to place it. Connect the cables for the power supply to the output of the LED power pack (e.g. 24 volt power pack). Connect the input from the power pack to the output from the motion detector. Then connect the motion detector to 230 volts.

If you want to connect a multi-colored LED controller-controlled LED strip to the motion detector, proceed as follows. Place the LED tape back where you want it, then connect the cable from the LED tape to the output of the LED controller. Connect the controller to the power supply unit so that it is supplied with e.g. 24 volts. Reconnect the input from the power pack to the output of the motion detector.

If the power supply is safe and secure, switch off the motion detector and switch to continuous operation. Now teach in the remote control together with the LED controller. Now that the controller has been taught in, set the desired color and brightness. Now put away the remote control and switch off continuous operation on the motion detector. If you have now switched to the sensor and it switches through, your LED strip lights up.

Can you switch multiple RGB strips with one remote control?

Basically yes, but a distinction must be made as to whether all strips are allowed to do the same thing when operating the remote control or not. For example, if you have 2 RGB strips in one room and want to control them separately with a remote control, then you need another RGB LED controller. You can then control both RGB strips separately from each other and set them as you want. If you don't care and both RGB strips are always allowed to do the same thing, then you can simply connect the two strips to the output of the RGB controller. If you are using a second controller, you must bear in mind that you also have to teach it in. It doesn't work on its own.

LED bar for the kitchen

Do you want to install an LED bar in the kitchen? To do this, please first measure how long the individual LED strips must be. Think in advance what kind of light the LED bar should emit. Would you like a single-colored or multi-colored bar, or is it enough for you if the bar can reproduce all white light colors? Let us assume as an example that you decide on a CCT LED strip, item 2190. LED CCT strip SMD5050 DC 24 Volt 14.4 watt IP20 60 LED / m 5m.

This LED strip is 12mm wide. Now choose a suitable aluminum profile and check whether the profile is designed for the width of the strip. Saw the aluminum profiles to the correct length, which you measured beforehand. Align the aluminum profiles and attach them to the place where you want to attach the LED strips. After you have attached the aluminum bar, please check whether the inside of the aluminum bar is clean and free of grease.

Then glue the LED strip piece by piece into the aluminum profile. After you have checked the LED strip for a tight fit, we now come to the wiring of the LED light source. Now take the CCT LED controller e.g. article 2142. Wireless controller CCT LED 2.4 GHz - WLAN ready. With this controller you can continuously adjust the color temperature of your LED CCT strips.

Now attach the cables of the LED strip to the output of the controller. Please note the connection plan. Now attach the LED CCT controller, e.g. on the kitchen wall cabinet, or under the baseboard at the bottom of the kitchen unit, there is enough space for cables, power supplies, etc.
Now take the appropriate power supply unit and connect it to the input of the controller.

Power calculation for the LED bar in the kitchen

With a 5m LED bar, we calculate as follows: 5 x 14.4 watts = 72 watts. So that the power supply does not always run under full load, we add a little reserve. 100 watts would be a good value here. We then choose the 100 watt power supply from ATOS or Meanwell. Article 1995 would be such a 100 watt power supply. We now connect this to the input of the controller. There are now only 2 bare ends on the power supply unit, to which 230 volts must be applied. Now that the power supply has also been wired, the LED controller has to be taught in to the radio remote control or to the wall switch. After you've learned the switches, everything should work.

Our LED strips are self-adhesive

Whether monochrome, multi-colored or CCT. We have many different LED strips, many of which are available in different widths. However, all strips are provided with a high-quality 3M adhesive tape on the back. There is a protective film on this 3M adhesive tape, carefully peel off this protective film and then carefully stick the LED strip onto your aluminum profile. The LED strips are only self-adhesive if you have cleaned the aluminum profile beforehand and it is free of grease, clean and dry. Wood or rough surfaces that do not dissipate heat are not suitable for self-adhesive LED strips. The LED strips are self-adhesive if the surface is smooth and conductive. Treat yourself to a useful aluminum profile.

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