What kind of fruit is strawberry

Why are bananas berries and strawberries not?

Quite confusing: bananas, even cucumbers, are berries. But not strawberries and raspberries. An explanation

The names of many fruits have been around longer than the botanical definition of the berry. This leads to some confusion these days: Many supposed berries are in fact not. And some fruit and vegetables are part of it, even if they are not small, plump and sweet.

Botanically, a berry is a fruit that has emerged from a single or several intergrown carpels and envelops several seeds with their pulp. It consists of three layers: the outer skin (exocarp), the fleshy middle part (mesocarp) and the often somewhat darker inner part (endocarp) that surrounds the seeds.

According to this definition, berries also include bananas, cucumbers, melons, pumpkins, citrus fruits, dates, kiwis, peppers, eggplants and tomatoes. If the inner part of a fruit is lignified to a seed, such as a cherry, elderberry or peach, it is called a stone fruit. If all three layers are lignified, it is a nut.

The strawberry is a common nut fruit

And where do our "berry classics" raspberry, blackberry and strawberry belong? Raspberries and blackberries are collective drupes because they are composed of several tiny drupes. And the strawberry is a common nut fruit because the red pulp is really just the plant's swollen flower base, on which there are many small nuts in the form of yellow granules.

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