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Paleo Muesli: Without sugar and grain

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For many, breakfast is the hardest part of Paleo - especially if you are not exactly an egg lover. We also miss the crunchy cereal from time to time. Therefore today the Paleo variant. And no lie: this is the best muesli we have ever had. With it you can certainly make children happy in the morning.

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The recipe: Paleo Muesli: Without sugar and grain

For 600 g // Active: Total:


  1. Preheat the oven to 140 degrees.
  2. Put all nuts / flakes / seeds in the food processor or blender and chop up.
  3. Melt coconut oil and mix together with honey and vanilla in a bowl.
  4. Add the kernels, nuts and coconut flakes and mix.
  5. Spread the mixture on a baking tray lined with baking paper and roast in the oven for 20-25 minutes, layering a little 1-2 times.
  6. As soon as everything is lightly browned, take it out of the oven, sprinkle with raisins and salt, press everything together until it has a flat surface.
  7. Allow to cool for about 20 minutes until everything is hardened, then break into pieces and enjoy.

Our tip

We like to “season” the muesli with plenty of cinnamon before it goes into the oven. Gorgeous!

A muesli dream - but a very substantial one

Be careful not to snack on too much of it, even if it does without cereals (and tastes extremely tasty). Of course, you can vary, replace or leave out all the nuts from the recipe as you like. Tip: Tastes good with coconut milk, cashew milk or almond milk, or with quark mixed with a little coconut milk.

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