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The top 10 recommended product management tools for 2021

Tools fatigue

When we address the subject of “tools” in our training courses, sometimes a collective groan goes through the room. Participants then tell us that tools are generally helpful, but there are sometimes too many with which they, as product people, have to interact. Two quotes summarize the situation well:

“It's getting more and more, every team, almost every department has its favorite tool. I now ignore most of Tool X's mail messages because you just can't keep up. "

"The biggest cost factor for new tools is the time that is spent learning and 'how-did-it-remember'."


This year's survey showed that mainly Office tools are still being used to carry out specific product activities. Nonetheless, the proportion of tools that are specially tailored for product management and marketing activities is growing. Our survey shows that they are successful in supporting product people and turning them into “fans”.

Some tools are introduced by other areas (e.g. Jira and Confluence by product development or IT) and product management is one of the user groups. That is also OK. Product teams should nevertheless check whether there are other options with existing or new tools to save time, increase the quality of work results or simply work together better.

It is still advisable to use an ecosystem of tools that interlock and cover multiple tasks rather than creating a patchwork of disjointed tools.