Are the Singaporeans really safe from their government?

Corona in Singapore: Here people follow all requirements

Singapore was considered a successful model in terms of fighting pandemics - until a few weeks ago the numbers rose sharply. Tourists have been banned from entering the city-state since March 23, 2020. Klaus Gottschalk, manager of the “Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel”, is also affected by the influx of visitors.

Before Corona, his 576-room house accommodated around 200,000 guests annually. We asked him about the local situation, about the difficulties and hopes - and wanted to know what is currently going on differently in Singapore than in Germany.

WORLD: Many know Singapore as a city full of tourists. What has the situation been like in Singapore since the Corona outbreak?

Klaus Gottschalk: Singapore has definitely changed. Apart from the empty hotels, the absence of foreign visitors is most noticeable in the typical tourist locations, for example at the airport, the promenade of Orchard Road, in the amusement parks on Sentosa Island.

The Singapore Flyer, the famous Ferris wheel, has also been standing still since April and the red hop-on-hop-off tourist double-deckers are completely missing from the cityscape. Taxis are now plentiful at any time of the day; before the crisis it was often difficult at certain times.

However, the absence of foreign tourists also has small advantages for the locals. Reservations in restaurants are not a problem, even in popular restaurants that had long waiting lists before the crisis.

And you have the great view from the viewing platform high up on the roof of the "Marina Bay Sands" hotel almost to yourself these days. In the casinos there is also not the usual crowd, because the otherwise very numerous visitors from China and other Asian countries are missing.