What's the best dessert

Spoon yourself happy! 18 heavenly cream desserts

Black Forest Cherry Pots de Crème

“Life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you're going to get.” Unless, like Kevin, you simply make your own chocolates - in large format and for spooning. His cream desserts in the glass have everything to enchant you: all kinds of chocolate, cherries, cream. To the recipe

A.çai cream with pomegranate, walnuts and chocolate sauce

Snacking without a guilty conscience? Sarah makes it possible. Your super creamy dessert is packed full of superfoods. Avocado, banana, açai powder, pomegranate, walnuts - more is almost impossible. A sweet snack that also pampers you with vitamins and nutrients. To the recipe

Quark vanilla cream with strawberries

Quark vanilla cream - sounds as delicious as grandma's dessert. At the Foodistas, of course, nothing comes on the table without a special twist. And that's why the sweet strawberries are topped with a homemade pistachio-mint pesto. For the crunch and the fresh note! To the recipe

Thai basil and pear compote with white chia chocolate mousse

With Karin's cream desserts, every layer is a highlight in itself. The basis: A compote made from pears, vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom and Thai basil. Layer 2 and 3: White chia and a creamy white chocolate mousse topped with crunchy roasted almonds. Our tip: don't forget the big spoon. To the recipe

Tahini creme brulee

First it makes a “crack”, then comes the “Mmmhh” and then you can really only indulge in the dessert sky. We are clearly talking about crème brûlée. At Christine’s the classic cream dessert is available in a new interpretation with a nutty-tart sesame note. To the recipe

Coffee panna cotta

Save yourself the espresso for dessert, just enjoy your coffee right in the dessert. Because he feels just as comfortable in a creamy panna cotta. Especially when it is accompanied by sweet caramel. Pull out your spoon! To the recipe

Creamy lemon pudding

Do you prefer something fruity instead of just sweet for dessert? Then you should try Ela's pudding. Your cream dessert gets by without the huge amount of sugar and is particularly tangy thanks to fresh lemons. The perfect light finish after a heavy meal. To the recipe

Chocolate chai cream

Sandra actually wanted to prepare a typical classic chocolate pudding. Nothing came of that - the inner urge to be creative was too great. And so in the end this creamy glory came out. The special thing about it: The pudding is not simply prepared in a pot, but baked in a water bath. The second specialty: It surprises with a spicy chai tea aroma. To the recipe

Guava and lime mousse with passion fruit jelly

Let's travel to the tropics - far, far away! The packing list includes guavas, passion fruit, melon, cream, milk and sugar. Everything nicely prepared as cream desserts in a glass and zack - we're already on a last-minute tropical vacation. To the recipe

Sun to go! Quick mango cheesecake in a glass

“A portion of summer in a glass, please!” Nothing easier than that: Cookies, cream cheese cream and mango puree are layered in no time and there is enough time for you to enjoy the little snack in peace in the sun. To the recipe

Cream cheese panna cotta with blood orange jelly

Let's work our way from top to bottom: First you can spoon your way through the lightest and airiest panna cotta variant since panna cotta has existed - thanks to cream cheese. When it reaches the bottom of the glass, it becomes fruity and a little sour. Because a fine jelly made from blood oranges has made itself comfortable here. To the recipe

Homemade vanilla pudding with blueberries from the oven

It is simply the classic. And not without reason. So creamy, so vanilla, so good - you just have to love vanilla pudding. At Simone, the classic is of course homemade and can then be added to the dessert bowl with the still warm, sweetened blueberries from the oven. To the recipe

White chocolate and coconut panna cotta with pomegranate

With Daniela and Michaela, there is no coffee in the panna cotta and no cream cheese either - but it is still not classic. Because instead of gelatine they use agar agar for binding and instead of cream there is coconut and almond milk. The sweet note is of course also taken care of - with honey and white chocolate. To the recipe

Chocolate avocado mousse

5 ingredients - that's all you need for this sweet chocolate dream of cream desserts. Avocado, lemon, cream cheese, cocoa and honey. Sounds like a tempting snack that can be prepared easily and peasy even if you are hungry for chocolate. To the recipe

And for dessert, a liqueur: Trifle with Baileys and Oreos

You still have Baileys in your closet and you have no idea what to do with it? How about a great layered dessert? A little chocolate, a little more cream, a few oreo biscuits, a good shot of Baileys and you have an amazing trifle in a class of its own. To the recipe

Florentine with spicy mousse

First it crunchy, then it gets creamy and then everything again. Johanna's dessert is not only an eye-catcher on the dessert plate, it also delights with every spoon. Who's to blame? The homemade Florentines with almonds and white chocolate and the creamy mousse with dark chocolate, cream and winter spices. To the recipe

Classic in shift work: Black Forest cherry in a glass

The big cake, sometimes very small: The classic is also just great as a trifle. Made fast, the stove can stay cold and even your grandma will nod approvingly after the first bite. To the recipe

Double Chocolate Pudding Parfait with Marshmallows and Peanuts

Two is Better! That's why Sarah has a vegan pudding made of dark chocolate as a base, which is topped with a mousse made of white chocolate. A few more peanuts, fluffy marshmallows and crunchy chocolate chips on top and your sweet dessert dream is ready. To the recipe