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Staircase cleaning: what does tenancy law say?

Are tenants obliged to clean the stairwell?

Have to Tenants clean the stairwell or clean the entire hallway? Often these questions are already Subject when signing of the lease. Most of the time it is not entirely clear to many how one is House hall cleaning in tenancy law is regulated and whether, for example, a cleaning plan for the stairwell needs to be drawn up.

When tenants are requiredcleaning the stairwell, like cleaning a stairwell in an apartment building should look like and what costs directly from the Tenants are to be borne, take a closer look at the following guide. In addition, he also looks at the costs of landlords on the tenants when cleaning the stairwell can kill.

The most important thing about stairwell cleaning

Are tenants obliged to clean the stairwell?

No, if the cleaning of the stairs is not agreed in the rental agreement, the landlord must take care of it.

Can cleaning by landlords or companies be passed on to tenants?

Yes, landlords can pass on the cost of stairwell cleaning to tenants if additional costs are agreed in the rental agreement.

How can the cleaning obligation be regulated in terms of time?

If tenants are obliged to clean the stairwell, a cycle can be specified in the house rules.

The cleaning of the stairwell is a matter for the landlord

The stairwell cleaning belongs according to § 535 German Civil Code (BGB) to the loads that one Landlord to bear so that the rental property can be used in accordance with the contract. The stairwell cleaning in an apartment building falls also under the cost of building cleaning. This can be based on the landlord § 2 No. 9 Operating Costs Ordinance (BetrKV) as part of operating costslay down on the tenant.

So that this can be done, a corresponding agreement must be in the rental agreement be hit. Because without one, they can Costs are not passed on. So if the landlord takes care of the stairwell cleaning himself, this must be done indirectly recorded in the lease be so the costs incurred too passed on to the tenants can be. The item “stairwell cleaning” in the additional costs must also be included in the associated billing traceable be held.

By who or how The landlord has the stairs cleaned, but it is up to them themselves Assign the task to the caretaker become. Should Tenants wipe the stairwell, this must also be present as an explicit agreement in the rental agreement.

Rental contract: When the cleaning of the stairwell is a matter for the tenant

The lease must include the stairwell cleaning record in a clear formulationso that one The tenant's duty existsto do this. The house rules can determine who has to do the cleaning and when.

A rental agreement for cleaning must and can be concluded upon conclusion of the contract not retrospectively on the tenant be transmitted. So if such an agreement does not exist and the Tenant does not clean the stairwell, a termination cannot be justified because the tenant not against the lease has violated.

Is there a cleaning schedule there are usually also separate house rules for the stairwell in the apartment building no obligation for the tenant. The stairwell cleaning is not here Part of the rental agreement.

What does stairwell cleaning include? How often is it to be carried out?

Tenants are obliged to do soPerforming a stairwell cleaning usually includes this Sweep and wipe through to the activities. The landlord can determine the exact scope of the stairwell cleaning for the tenant as well as the division in a cleaning schedule or in house rules determine.

However, here is important to notethat it may only be determined what to clean and how often. In addition to the stairwell, the communal rooms can also be cleaned such as Laundry room, basement corridors or attics be agreed. Usually tenants are responsible for cleaning the stairwell Sections on their floor responsible who above and below your apartment are located. When cleaning the stairwell for tenants on the ground floor is also usually the entrance area included.

Staircase cleaning: which costs have to be borne by whom?

Landlords can usual cleaning costs, as mentioned, lay down on the tenant if this agreed as ancillary costs is. If the cleaning obligation is imposed on the tenant, may no additional cleaning staff be billed.

Is the Tenants for stairwell cleaning responsible, he must die Cleaning implements such as mopping cloths and cleaning agents buy, so bear the costs. Are tenants by a long vacation or illness they have to find a replacement for the stairwell cleaning. An exchange with other tenants is usually the best option here.
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Staircase cleaning: what does tenancy law say?
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