Is rust on shungite stones harmful?

What is shungite?

Shungite is a Precambrian carbonaceous natural stone of organic origin. Because of its amazing positive properties, it is often referred to as a miracle or life stone and a healing mineral. Scientists say the mineral is around 2 billion years old and its existence began long before life on Earth. This is how it has accumulated the Earth's energy for thousands of years. These powerful crystal vibrations make shungite unique and popular all over the world in the form of numerous shungite products.

Where does shungite come from?

In its raw authentic form, it occurs only in the Republic of Karelia, the Russian Federation, where the only occurrence with the name Zagozhinsky is located.

What makes shungite so special?

It's about its unique structure, which consists of fullerenes, a crystalline modification of carbon. It is believed that fullerenes are the most powerful antioxidants that protect our body's cells from the effects of free radicals. The spherical molecules of the fullerene in shungite carbon make it very useful for people who use shungite. Elite shungite is richest in fullerenes.

What are the benefits of using shungite?

In the modern world, shungite is widely used in various fields including the metallurgical and chemical industries, agriculture, medicine, and spirituality, to name a few. The brightest properties of shungite that have made shungite famous around the world are water purification, physical and spiritual crystal healing, and protection from the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation that surrounds us in the form of gadgets in this day and age. Additionally, shungite can neutralize geopathic stress and tension, activate the healing properties of the human body, and provide physical and spiritual healing to a person who uses it. All of these properties contribute to the fact that this stone is so popular all over the world. Take our easy quiz to find out which property of shungite suits you best and check out our short guide on the different uses of shungite stone here!

What are EMFs? How do they affect us? How can shungite help?

Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) susceptibility seems to be an extremely pressing issue these days and most people are exposed to the effects of EMF as they surround themselves with devices and electronic devices. In the modern world of developed technologies, most people are exposed to high levels of EMF radiation, and shungite has been shown to be an effective tool in this regard. There are several scientific studies that prove that shungite is effective at reducing the negative effects of such devices. To ensure full protection against harmful EMF, it is usually recommended that multiple shungite items be used to reduce exposure to radiation emitting devices. The more shungite items you have around you, the more the positive properties against EMF that shungite gives you, and the more protected you are and the less exposed you are to EMF. Find out more about comprehensive EMF protection with shungite here.

What is geopathic stress? How does it affect us? How can shungite help?

Most people's exposure to geopathic stress is also a worrying topic these days. Geopathic stress appears to be a result of staying in the zones where the earth's natural energy is disrupted by weak electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) emanating from certain concentrations of minerals, underground vapors, electricity networks, etc. Staying in geopathic stress zones could lead to symptoms of geopathic stress such as headache, insomnia, fatigue, weakened immune system, which affect our performance, well-being and health. Shungite has proven to be the perfect solution when it comes to dealing with geopathic stress and reducing the negative effects of geopathic zones.
Notice! Shungite protection kits including pyramids are the most useful and effective way of protecting against EMF and geopathic stress!

What is Spiritual Healing? How can shungite be useful?

Shungite seems to be a powerful mineral when it comes to balancing the chakras and neutralizing the negative bioenergy that can surround us. Due to its metaphysical properties, shungite is known to affect the root chakra or the human body, which is usually associated with security, stability, security and survival. It is widely used in grounding techniques because it attracts positive energy into your biofield, protects you from harmful influences by neutralizing them, and helps keep your body and soul in absolute harmony. Here you can find out more about how you can use the shungite energy for chakra balancing and spiritual development.

How do you clean and charge shungite?

Your shungite stones can be used repeatedly if you clean and recharge the crystals regularly. To clean the shungite products, wash your shungite pieces under warm running water for two minutes and place shungite on an outdoor towel in full sunshine for three hours, turning the crystals over once. That way, your pieces of shungite will be cleaned and recharged and you can go back to the original instructions. If you are not satisfied with the effectiveness of shungite, or if you think that too much electromagnetic radiation (EMF) or some other type of harm is affecting you, you should repeat this process weekly or more often. If you use shungite as a filtering and purifying component to produce soothing shungite water, please also perform the following procedure once a month to restore the filtering capacity of the stone surfaces. Use acidic water by mixing a liter of warm water with a little acid, e.g. citric acid in the ratio of a spoonful of acid to a liter of water, to clean the stones. Put the stones in this mixture and keep them like that for several hours or longer. It helps to get rid of various premises and dirt on the surface of the stones. Over time, if you think it is no longer helping, then it is better to change stones.

How do you check the authenticity of shungite?

The authenticity of the shungite pieces can be proven with a simple test. One of the brightest features of authentic shungite as a stone is that it is electrically conductive. So you can take a battery, a lightbulb, and two wires and streamline the electricity flowing from the battery to the lightbulb, with one of the wires connected to the battery and another to the lightbulb, with a shungite stone in between. If the shungite is authentic, you will see that the shungite conducts electricity and the light bulb is glowing due to the high carbon content in the shungite, which is usually not the case with other stones. You'll find more about it here.

What is shungite water? How do you make shungite water?

Shungite is also widely used as a natural filter instrument for purifying and mineralizing water. The digestion of shungite water has been shown to have beneficial therapeutic effects and help cope with a wide variety of diseases, including skin problems, chronic respiratory diseases, headaches, joint and muscle pain, and digestive system problems. To make shungite water, the shungite stones must be carefully washed before use to remove dust and dirt after production. The amount of shungite needed to make shungite water depends on the choice of shungite, with both elite and regular shungite being widely used. The difference between regular shungite and elite or noble hungite lies in the amount of organic carbon in it. Regular shungite contains between 35 and 60 percent organic carbon, while the percentage of carbon in elite shungite is much higher, totaling 92 to 98 percent. For this reason, elite shungite is more efficient in producing energized water as it has a higher energy potential than a stone with the highest compound of fullerene carbon. To make shungite water, 150-200 grams of regular shungite stones or 50-70 grams of elite shungite stones per liter of water must be poured in and drunk fresh for two or three days. Shungite starts filtering the water within the first few hours, but the more shungite that is left in the water, the more effective it is. The stones should be cleaned and charged regularly. Over time, if you think it is no longer helping, then it is a good idea to change the stones. Shungite water is also intended for making shungite baths, which are very popular as bathing with shungite water will benefit your health, well-being, growth and recovery. To make a shungite bath, 400-500 grams of shungite stones are poured into the bath with the hot water and kept in it for about 15-20 minutes. Then take a spa bath and enjoy the positive changes shungite brings to your physical and mental health. It is recommended to take a shungite bath regularly, about three times a week.

What is the difference between precious and regular shungite? What are the three types of shungite?

Shungite stones can be divided into three types depending on the carbon content in them. Type III shungite is commonly referred to as regular shungite stone and contains 30 to 50 percent carbon. All molded products on the market such as pyramids, balls, bracelets, etc. are made from regular shungite as it makes up most of the shungite found in Karelia and is easy to shape and polish. Type II shungite got its name from the Russian emperor Peter the Great and is known as Petrovsky shungite. This type of shungite is quite rare and contains around 75% carbon. It is also easily cut and polished like regular shungite, but in terms of vibration and crystal energy, Petrovsky shungite is closer to elite Type I shungite. Type I shungite is known as noble or elite shungite and contains 90 to 98 percent organic carbon. Elite shungite nuggets have shiny silver surfaces and, due to their high carbon content, have a high energy potential. Elite shungite deposits are extremely scarce, and elite shungite accounts for less than one percent of all shungite found. As a rule, it is carefully mined in the rock by individuals, while the shungite types II and III are more available for industrial mining in the quarries. Elite shungite stones seem to be a perfect natural healer and energy stabilizer. Elite shungite nuggets are often sold in their original form because they are very fragile. You can have an elite shungite nugget near your work place or bed while you sleep for complete protection from geopathic influences, or you can have a small elite shungite nugget in your pocket or a small piece of jewelry to protect yourself from the effects of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) in everyday life. Also, elite shungite has been shown to have a strong energetic field that helps you keep your body and soul in harmony, and you can use small elite shungite nuggets to make some energized shungite water that you can use keeps you healthy and balanced.

What is the difference between polished and unpolished shungite?

Both polished and unpolished items are widely used because they produce the same effects regardless of whether you use a polished or unpolished item. To put it simply: polished and unpolished items are the same in terms of their protective effect, but differ in their appearance. Polished items are jet black in color, they are shiny and attractive. Unpolished items range from light gray to black, and you can sometimes see streaks of gold or silver from pyrite or infusions of other minerals. Also, unpolished items are more likely to leave black residue due to the high carbon content in them. The only difference between ground and unsanded objects lies in the processes of water filtering and cleaning as well as the energy balance. Unpolished items tend to have higher filtering capacity and energy and power as compared to polished items they are only carved but not polished, and the stones and crystals are believed to be very powerful in their raw form. However, it is recommended to use elite shungite nuggets for both water purification and spiritual healing, and elite shungite is usually used in its raw form without the need for carving or polishing as it is very fragile.

The shungite I received has infusions of brown, gray, or golden colors. Does that mean my shungite is fake?

It is possible that shungite stones may contain infusions of other minerals, including gold-colored pyrite. That doesn't mean your shungite mineral is a fake, it does mean that there were streaks of other minerals in the same layer where the stone was found.

I received an elite shungite nugget, but it seems to me that the stone is rusty. Does that mean my shungite is fake?

The rust in your elite shungite nuggets is the result of crystal corrosion, or chemical erosion of the stone, which is quite common. Sometimes shungite nuggets rust a little when used to purify water, or they come with ferrous infusions which are the source of rust. This is a normal chemical process. If it bothers you, you can physically remove the rust yourself with a needle or toothbrush, but remember that the shungite stones are safe to use even with a little rust.

Shungite that I get leaves black marks on my skin and clothes. Is there some way to clean the stones to remove any residue?

Authentic regular shungite stones are black in their raw form and could sometimes leave black residue due to the high carbon content in them. If your item has this. We recommend washing shungite pieces carefully under warm water to remove micro-dust and powder after production and to clean the stones before use. If it is a pearl item, sometimes the dust may be in the holes, just wash it.

Is it possible to choose the size of a bracelet / ring / chain / other pieces of jewelry?

There are variations in the offers that can be customized to your liking, but if you want something special that is not available in variations, please contact us.

Is it possible to replace one of the pieces from the set?

There is an option to replace one of the items in the set, but that depends on the price of the item you want to replace. Please contact us and we will discuss the details. We are contacted daily to design special shungite kits to suit your requirements.

Can I see the pictures of the stones I want to order?

We can send you the pictures of the item before you receive it, or even order it. For example, if they are unique forms of elite stone nuggets, we can send you the pictures of the stones available so that you can choose one for yourself in case they are not offered on the website.

Can I send my order as a gift? Do you offer a gift wrapping service?

We offer a packaging service for gifts. Please contact us to discuss the details. We can write or print out any memo you want.

How long does it take to process an order?

Our turnaround time is usually between one and three working days, but it can take longer due to national holidays and other exceptional cases, which is very rare.

Where can I find more information about shungite?

Please check out our comprehensive shungite blog to learn more about shungite and its protective and healing properties.

Where can I see your shungite inventory?

Please refer to our Shungite Product Catalog to familiarize yourself with the range of products, specials and the best deals.