Do we really need money

What it means to be really rich

With 16 I wanted to earn money very quickly so that I could finally buy branded bags and clothes. With 24 Years ago, I had a job with a decent wage for the first time and set myself the goal of being able to afford a condominium at some point. With 26 I realized that the small salary jumps in my job would never make me rich and I longed to be able to fulfill my big dream of long-distance travel.

When I finally did 30 I wish I had realized much earlier that there is nothing more valuable than a good and, above all, healthy life.

And that money is a mere medium of exchange that suggests happiness in life, but in reality has little influence on it.

How much money do we need to actually be happy?

One thing is definitely clear: the more we believe we need, the more we become Prisoners of ourselves. How do I mean? We humans are creatures of habit. If these habits are unfavorable, it can even lead to addiction. That is exactly what makes the money thing very dangerous.

The more we believe we need, the more we become to Prisoners of ourselves.

I explain the mechanism behind it using Susanne as an example:

Susanne earned 1,000 euros in 2009. Not a lot, but she got along well with it and even put 100 euros a month on her savings account. In 2015, Susanne earned 2,000 euros from a promotion. Even with this salary, she made ends meet wonderfully. In 2019 she finally climbed the career ladder. Now she earns 3,000 euros.

Actually, Susanne should now have a substantial sum left over each month that she could put aside. This is not the case, however, because she has now moved into a larger apartment in an upscale downtown district, which of course costs considerably more than the previous model. She has also swapped her old Peugeot for a new BMW and she no longer finds Lignano an attractive holiday home either. She much prefers to travel to the USA or the Caribbean islands. As sensible as Susanne is, she doesn't live beyond her means. She still saves 100 euros a month.

Many people feel the same way as Susanne. you adjust their expenses to their income. That puts them in an awkward position: the luxurious life becomes a habit. It is now extremely difficult to make compromises.

For Susanne this means that her performance, the quality of her work and the quantity must not decrease. If she suddenly doesn't enjoy the job anymore, she can't just become a florist or yoga teacher. No, because in these jobs she would hardly earn enough to meet her standard of living and her fixed costs. Welcome to captivity, dear Susanne!

Less is more

Please do not get me wrong. I am very fond of money, but still handle it carefully. For me, money also means life. Therefore, I only exchange this for things that make me truly happy.

A large car with fully comprehensive insurance and high gasoline costs do not make me happy because, among other things, I would have to work many hours that I would rather spend living out my passions. And no matter how much I enjoy my job, I still wouldn't want to be arrested by him and the income it brings me. After all, living conditions can change at any time and in that case I want to stay free and happy.

No matter how much I enjoy my job, I wouldn't want to be arrested by him or the income he brings me.

Now you might think that I am a tight fist. But I am certainly not. I love to spend money - for things that are worth it to me. I love fresh fish, good wine, organic vegetables and cheese. And although I always have enough coffee at home, you can find me in the coffee house several times a week. The beautiful ambience and the smell of fresh coffee encourage my relaxation.

What I'm saying is that it's a wonderful thing to spend money on things that really bring you joy.

In many areas, however, we simply swim with the crowd and, as far as our material goals are concerned, orient ourselves to social guidelines. Travel at least twice a year. 4-star hotels are the minimum. Your own car, a 100 m2 apartment or your own home, regular manicures, insurance for all situations and, of course, only the best of the best for our children. Maybe today is the time to think about which of these things make us really happy?

Be rich - money only plays a minor role

Although I earn a lot less money today than I did four years ago, I am many times richer. On the one hand, this is because most of my time I do exactly what I enjoy. And on the other hand, I have more money than I need to live. And this is exactly where my personal wealth begins.

Those who take in more than they spend live in abundance. A major health crisis brought me to this wealth. Some time ago I had to adjust my expenses to accommodate a lower income. In doing so, I left material demands behind, such as having my own car, the weekly shopping tour and much more. At first I thought it would decrease my quality of life, but it quickly turned out to be incredibly liberating to need less.

Impetus for a conscious use of money

Household budget: Those who take in more than they spend live in abundance. A budget check and the elimination of unnecessary fixed costs can help.
Awareness raising: Most of the time we are already rich without knowing it. From time to time I make a list of what I own.
Turning money into happiness: Spending money should be fun. And that's exactly what I treat myself to from time to time. I recently bought a toy that I always wanted in my childhood and then let off steam with it. Even a large piece of cake or a small donation to the street musician can make you happy.
Mindfulness: Before I fulfill a material wish, I always consider whether my potential purchase will actually enrich me, or whether I would rather invest my money elsewhere.
Affirmation: I used to think making money was a tough thing. Today I see it differently. With this mind switch, it helped me turn an old, outdated proverb into a positive affirmation. Instead of: "Without hard work, a lot of price" I say: "Without hard work, a lot of price - making money can also be fun."

Conclusion? Wealth is what you think about it!