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The 10 most beautiful beaches in the Maldives

The Maldives are the ultimate dream travel destination and are perfect for you Romantic vacation. Since the Maldives consist of 26 ring-shaped atolls with over 1000 coral islands, almost every small island has its own private beach with private facilities. But there are also publicly accessible beaches. So that you for yours Maldives vacation are well prepared, I'll show you the 10 most beautiful beaches in the Maldives.

Maldives most beautiful beaches at a glance

1. Hulhumale Beach - The inexpensive dream beach

Sunbathing on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Maldives. You can do that on Hulhumale Beach in Kaafu Atoll. You can expect crystal blue water and a white beach surrounded by lush green nature. However, the beach is part of the Muslim area, which is why bikinis are taboo here. So you should make sure that you always dress appropriately.

But you can enjoy the sunset at many romantic places and restaurants, which are located near Hulhumale Beach. You are also only 10 minutes away from Male Airport.

So you can experience a unique Maldives experience here as well as on others Islands of the Maldives. Except that you don't have to dig deep into your pocket for this. Just lovely, isn't it?

2. The Bikini Beach - carefree bathing in paradise

The nearest beach is on Rasdhoo Island most beautiful beaches in the Maldives. Namely the Bikini Beach. In addition to the private beaches in the Maldives, the beach is the only one where you can wear a bikini.

Laze under the palm trees on sun loungers or on your towel and enjoy the unique view of the large white sandy beach, which is surrounded by the sky-blue sea. Or splash around in the ocean or snorkel.

Around the beach you will find delicious restaurants that invite you to have a romantic dinner. You can reach the beach from the airport with a one-hour ride on the speedboat ferry.

3. Pure luxury at Reethi Beach

At the Reethi Beach in the Baa Atoll waiting for you pure luxury. Here you will find the snow-white beach, picturesque water villas and exclusive restaurants.

He's a popular one Destination for honeymoon. The corresponding Reethi Beach Resort is ideal as accommodation for it. From there you can go on private excursions or in the spa- and relax in the wellness area of ​​the facility.

The physical well-being is also taken care of and you will find a lot of bars and restaurants near the beach. From Male you can reach the beach in 35 minutes by seaplane.

4. Fulhadhoo Beach - away from the hustle and bustle

The Fulhadhoo beach is a very special beach in the Maldives. You can expect neither the luxury life nor the typical beach for locals. Here you will find a simple but beautiful large beach.

You can also totally enjoy your privacy here, as the area is very large and you can quickly find a place just for you. Away from the crowds and the hustle and bustle, here you can enjoy the beauty of the beach and relax.

That's why for me he clearly belongs to the most beautiful beaches in the Maldives. From the airport in Male you need around two hours around the Fulhadhoo Beach to reach. Food is of course also provided on the beach with the many restaurants.

5. Lily Beach - The most famous dive sites in the world

The private beach of the Lily Beach in the Maldives is also one of the most beautiful beaches in the Maldives. He belongs to the Lily Beach Resort & Spa and is located in Ari Atoll on Huvahendhoo Island.

The special thing about this beach is that it is in close proximity to the most famous diving spots in the world. Dive around the exotic house reef, relax on the beach or make yourself comfortable in a bar or restaurant.

You can reach the beach from the airport within 25 minutes by seaplane.

6. Bandos Beach - The popular beach for couples

The Serene Bandos Beach is a private island beach which is also one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the Maldives belongs. However, this is not a secret, so it attracts many vacationers. But don't worry!

You will still find an idyllic refuge anyway. Once you've found it, you can make yourself comfortable on the powder-white beach and go snorkeling on the colorful house reef.

You can even go fishing at Serene Bandos Beach or you can just hike along the island's dreamy sea. You can get there within 20 minutes by speedboat from the airport.

7. Taj Exotica Beach - The best beach in South Male Atoll

The Taj Exotica Beach is not just one of them most beautiful beaches in the Maldives, but also some of the best in the South Male Atoll. The beach is a private beach.

You can stay in the Taj Exotica Resort, which is particularly known for the excellent hospitality and for the breathtaking beach. This will make your travel experience in the Maldives unforgettable.

Stroll across the island, discover one or the other exotic animal or enjoy a romantic dinner on the beach. You can get from Male to the beach with the resort's own hotel boat.

8. Beaches glowing at night in the Maldives

During your Vacation in the Maldives definitely have to visit a beach that glows in the dark at night. Dusti Thani or Mirihi Beach in the Maldives are particularly suitable for this. That is why these beaches are clearly one of the most beautiful beaches in the Maldives.

The natural phenomenon is also known as the Sea of ​​Stars because it looks like stars illuminate the sea and the beach. Between July and February you can enjoy this miracle of Nature in the Maldives marvel at.

The glow is produced by a specific type of phytoplankton. This is then called bioluminescence.

9. Kurumba Beach - Very popular for honeymoon trips

The nearest beach is particularly popular for its proximity to the airport. From the airport you can reach the beach in just 10 minutes by boat.

In addition to the Maldives standards such as paradisiacal white beaches and turquoise blue sea surrounded by green palm trees, you can look forward to a colorful activities and entertainment program here. This area is particularly popular for honeymoons.

That is why the area around Kurumba Beach is always quite busy. Because this beach the 10 most beautiful beaches in the Maldives nobody wants to be missed.

10. Dhigurah Beach - diving with whale sharks

The bottom of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the Maldives forms the Dhigurah Beach in the South Ari Atoll. As you know, the best comes at the end, right? You have the opportunity to dive with whale sharks on this beach. How cool is that please!

He also convinces with an abandoned sandbar that flows into the bright blue sea. On site, however, there are only a few small cafes and shops and actually no restaurants. The food will be provided to you in your accommodation as in TME Retreats Dhigurah posed.

However, you would have to plan some time for the journey. Because with the MTCC ferry you can reach the beach from the airport within 4 hours and 15 minutes. But believe me, it's worth it.

Well, it's not that easy to decide where to go, right? If you're looking for more inspiration, check out my list of 5 most beautiful islands in the Maldivesat.

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