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Android and iOS: The best learning apps for students

Learning while having fun with Freud: COMPUTER BILD has tested the best free apps for schoolchildren.

Hurray, school is back! The children need little help with learning. These apps get your kids moving. It's about letters and numbers, tutoring in social studies classes, learning to read and speaking better. But also a small organization app helps the students in their everyday life. Details can be found below in the photo series "For 2020: The best learning apps for schoolchildren put to the test". You can find more exciting learning apps at COMPUTER BILD.

Free apps 2020 for students: when do they cost what?

All apps in the test are basically free of charge. For ad-free and additional functions, you sometimes need in-app purchases or subscriptions. While purchases start at just under 1 euro, subscriptions cost more money - so that can be a bit more expensive. The DocLexi app in particular seems quite expensive at 99 euros for an annual subscription. But whether the purchase of such a premium program is worthwhile for you or your little ABC shooter, you can test extensively with the free version for over a month. Don't worry: even in the free version, all candidates fulfill their purpose and enable you to make a good assessment of the suitability of the program.

For 2020: The best free learning apps put to the test

Free apps in the test: learning while having fun

The first of the apps that COMPUTER BILD tested is called EASY Peasy - Dictations for Children. The program with the funny name is designed to help children improve their spelling quickly and effectively. Thanks to the intelligent reading function, children can check their learning progress on their own, and with "Vicki", the virtual teacher, things are even very funny.

Only cheese feet are even less popular than dictations. Or mathematics for many. It's good that there is an app like Photomath. Because this program not only works without an internet connection, it also helps non-understanders with basic arithmetic as well as with larger formula and algebra problems. More than 100 million downloads just can't be wrong.

The vocabulary trainer that comes home and makes index cards superfluous: Phase 6 classic. The app allows you to enter vocabulary yourself, but also has vocabulary collections for common course and school books. And that in more than 20 languages. Not only schoolchildren should think about this program, adults can also use it to study diligently.

In the Simpleclub it's really chilled out. And funny, because the tutoring videos are not only used by more than a million schoolchildren, students and trainees, but are also spoken by two really cool guys. Fart dry is different!

Learning can also be playful. The DocLexi app proves this. Here kids like Superman learn how to use letters and numbers. This is really fun for the L├╝tten. And when the learning progress is added, the children can no longer keep their hands off this video game. And neither do the parents.

The organization apps Scoolio? And PocketSchool are a bit drier. Everything comes together here that the gray everyday life of an Eleven brings with it. Keywords: timetable, to-dos, grades, homework, class chat, etc. But also vacation countdowns or quizzes!

A bit of cheating is also part of it, right? In any case, Blinkist makes it possible to "read" thick tomes in 15 minutes. Because this app summarizes key statements in a quarter of an hour and reads this excerpt to the inquisitive listener. Work the bomb!

This app does exactly what the name promises. Speak better 3 aims to improve the user's articulation. Through exercises and a known speaker. That makes you feel a bit like James Bond.

The 100 most popular apps in the test

Conclusion: the best app for your purpose?

The better learning apps may not be as fun as a great video game or a beautiful forest walk. But with the many apps for a better understanding of facts or for dealing with letters, words and numbers, you may then have the great joy of having made progress - or your children. Some of the programs are very skillful in combining fun and benefits. These learning aids are all useful in their field.

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