How can I reduce my fat belly

Reducing belly fat: this is how it works - without any exercise

In addition to unloved waving arms, the well-known saddlebags or too much hip gold, the stomach in particular is a widespread problem area among us ladies. Of course there are dresses and tops that let us cheat away the unloved love handles and a little tummy. However, if you don't just want to look great with certain looks, but rather wants to bring the stomach into shape, you should pay attention to certain thingsbecause because of estrogens it is with us womenespecially this one or the buttocks, where the fat is stored. We'll tell you how you can reduce your waist size - without having to resort to the fat-away-injection or torturing yourself with exercise and a diet.

How is belly fat created?

But first we should clarify the cause of the unloved love handles. It is not only because of the estrogens that women gain weight here, in particular, A diet rich in sugar and high calories also causes belly fat. According to this, more calories are absorbed than the body needs and these are deposited in places that we ultimately declare to be our problem areas. If the fat is deposited here on the stomach, we speak of inner fat pads. However, it is not only diet that plays a role when belly fat accumulates, various experts confirm the thesis that visceral fat is particularly hereditary and is therefore passed on from generation to generation due to predisposition.

The latest studies also show that a lot of stress causes the so-called lifebuoys to be created in this part of the body. The demanding boss, a full schedule and the unrealistic role models who show on Instagram and Co. how a beautiful woman should look can also make their contribution. This form of excessive stress ensures that the hormone cortisol is released and that can be exactly the reason why the dream body of Emily Ratajkowski remains a dream for so many people. It doesn't just tempt us to Food cravingsbut also ensures that our Metabolism slows down and calories and fats are harder to break down.

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Why is belly fat so dangerous?

In addition to these problems, there are other problems more dangerous consequenceswhich show how unhealthy belly fat really is and that one should try to get rid of it. There is a recommended waist size for both women and men:For women, this should be less than approx. 80 cm and for men less than approx. 94 cm. How important this is is made clear not least by the fact that in particular High blood pressure and diabetes can be caused by the deposition of fat around the digestive organs. The fat that fills the abdominal cavity in this case is called visceral fat. This can ultimately lead to the formation of messenger substances, which in turn promote the production of insulin and thus cause inflammation. In the worst case, even a Heart attack or stroke result from the excess pounds in this region of our body and cost you your life.

What many do not know, not only people with an apparently big belly are affected by visceral fat, but also thin people - so-called TOFIs (thin outside, thick inside) - can suffer from dangerous fat in the middle of the body without even realizing it. In this case, the fat is hidden between the organs and is therefore not visible from the outside. Whether you are affected by this and whether your body is made up of too much fat in relation to muscle mass can be measured using the body fat percentage.

What helps against belly fat?

Since belly fat is not only unsightly and often annoys us, especially in the bikini season, but can also increase the risk of developing diabetes, it is important to tackle this problem area seriously. We'll tell you how you can relieve belly fat and do something sustainable for your health and get fit: 💕

1. Eat grapefruit

Even if too many fruits are to be enjoyed with caution, as they contain a lot of fructose and thus also carbohydrates, you should eat a grapefruit more often. Because it not only contains a lot of water, but is also rich in antioxidants, which ensure that the insulin level remains in balance. Which is important because insulin can, to a certain extent, inhibit fat burning and thus influence us in weight loss. By the way, a blood sugar level that rides a roller coaster would cause annoying food cravings and could lead to weight gain.

2. Pomegranate for breakfast

Even if it can be a real challenge or even a mess to get the sweet pomegranate seeds, they help to get rid of our belly fat. Because the kernels also contain many antioxidants and thus stimulate the metabolism. Simply sprinkle a handful over the morning muesli, so not only is it super tasty, this meal also lets us tackle excess kilos, including pork belly, and helps to get slim.

3. Stock up on vitamin D.

It's hard to believe, but it's true: Vitamin D, which, for example, brings out the tan in summer, is directly related to the development of belly fat. According to a study carried out by Dutch researchers this year. The investigation is to be expanded in the future and the phenomenon is to be investigated using a larger number of test subjects. However, it has already been established that the test subjects with higher levels of vitamin D show less abdominal fat than those with a lower value. In addition, the sun vitamin promotes cell renewal and strengthens the immune system. It is precisely because of this that we feel fitter and therefore less slack, which are important factors in achieving the goal of "dream body" in order to overcome our weaker self and bring ourselves to integrate exercise into everyday life. 😉

4. Reduce stress

Your head is buzzing from work and even in your free minutes you have no end of free-time stress? No more, because you not only burden your soul, but also ensure that cortisol is released, which causes you to reach for unhealthy things and also stores the nasty fat. If you cannot avoid everyday stress, you should definitely look for a valve that can relieve it. A good book or a relaxing massage and enough sleep (at least 8 hours) can work wonders.

5. Reduce your daily rations

Even if it takes some stamina at first, small portions and reduced meals make a big difference in terms of your belly fat. If you reduce the daily rations, keep an eye on the daily calories consumed and strive for a calorie deficit in which you consume less than your body consumes, you will quickly notice that your feeling of satiety sets in faster over time and the pounds on your stomach melt away .

6. No more sugar

We know that a good piece of chocolate is not only incredibly delicious, but also removes some grief. In terms of belly fat and weight, however, snacking is the worst enemy. The same goes for other sweets, of course. If you really aim for a flat stomach and visible abdominal muscles, you should definitely do without them or only very rarely indulge in a little something. Incidentally, soft drinks such as lemonade are also among the sweet sins that should be removed from the menu in this case.

7. Drink apple cider vinegar

You only know apple cider vinegar in connection with a fruit fly trap? We are going to change that now! Because this - admittedly - food that takes getting used to is a home remedy that makes the pounds fall off the stomach. How it works? Apple cider vinegar contains acid, pectins and also carotene and cleanses up the intestinal flora, kills viruses and bacteria and manages to process fattening foods so that they do not build up. A little everyday tip: Simply stir a tablespoon into a glass of water and then it's time to close your eyes and get on with it. 😉

8. Eat whole grains ...

White bread, pasta and rice are guaranteed to be some of the foods you should avoid if you want a belly like Bella Hadid. They are broken down into sugar much faster than whole grain products, so they don't keep you full for long and start to work. In addition, whole grain products with filling fiber and complex carbohydrates ensure that you are not hungry again immediately and reach for unhealthy foods. By the way, fiber in particular turns out to be an effective miracle weapon, as it helps to break down the fat that surrounds the internal organs.

9.… and sauerkraut

Another real superfood when it comes to losing excess pounds on the stomach is the sauerkraut. This probiotic food also ensures that your intestinal flora comes into balance and boosts your metabolism. Sounds like it could save a pound or two. And that's the way it is! 👏🏼

10. Go for healthy fats

You actually wanted to remove the fats from your menu? You don't need that at all. It is only important that you eat the kind of healthy proteins and fats above all. Sweet potatoes, avocados or nuts are also totally helpful if you want to lose a few pounds and build muscle - in moderation, of course.

11. Uses avocado oil

Avocado is not only popular with the healthy fats that melt belly fat, as a high-quality oil it can also ensure that our pounds tumble. This is namely to 76 percent from monounsaturated fatty acids and can support us with the daily consumption of about three teaspoons if we want to lose weight. Due to its high smoke point, it is also suitable for frying, unlike, for example, cold-pressed olive oil, which you should use for salads. However, the pulp oil has one catch: It is not exactly cheap and 250 ml cost around 9 euros.

12. Drink less alcohol

Cocktails, wine and beer are incredibly delicious and are part of a boozy evening for many, but these drinks also contain a large amount of calories and simply carbohydrates, which accumulate on our stomach in the form of visceral fat. Just 300ml of beer already has 120 calories. Real culprits, however, are delicious drinks like Hugo or Aperol Spritz, which already have around 150 kcal in one glass.

13. Also reduce salt

A pinch of salt here, a pinch of salt there - that's exactly what you should leave aside. According to a study by Queen Mary University in London, salt is a real culprit, which manifests itself in the form of belly fat and increases the risk of obesity by a quarter. To prevent the whole thing, the daily requirement of approx. 1.4 grams for an adult should not be exceeded.

14. Enough magnesium

Another effective tip that you can use to reduce belly fat includes foods rich in magnesium. With this ingredient, they enable enzymes to be activated, which in turn regulate digestion and at the same time improve the absorption of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Delicacies in which this nutrient can be found, so that they should determine your diet more often, are for example whole grain bread, brown rice, legumes or broccoli.

15. Drink lemon water

Not only is it delicious, but it also melts the pounds of our problem area: lemon-infused water. This not only refreshes us, but also boosts our metabolism and helps us to eat smaller portions and fewer calories throughout the day. At the same time, thanks to the acidic drink, serotonin and norepinephrine are released, which in turn increases fat burning. No wonder that numerous celebrities such as Victoria's Secret model Josephine Skriver have long sworn by lemon water for a healthy lifestyle and use it for fat loss.

This fat burner drink is a miracle weapon against belly fat

Not only individual components can bring you to your goal if you want to reduce excess belly fat, Certain mixtures have long been proven to be real secret weapons. For example, trendy drinks such as "Switchel" and an autumnal miracle water made from lemon juice and apple cider vinegar demonstrated their effect on the abdominal region. Another drink known as real fat burner is known and visceral fat on the collar, uses ingredients that we have already recommended to you in detail due to their effectiveness against love handles. The mixture is put together froma teaspoon of honeywhich is the perfect sugar substitute, especially during a diet, Grapefruit juicewhich is rich in antioxidants and keeps insulin levels in balance, which in turn can inhibit fat burning, as wellApple Cider Vinegarwhich, due to acid, pectins and carotene, has a positive effect on the intestinal flora, also regulates the blood sugar level and even supports fat loss. To benefit from the effect of the Fat burner drinks to benefit, you drink it best right before your meal.

You need these ingredients for the mixture:

  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 cup of grapefruit juice
  • 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar

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Which foods promote belly fat?

Besides a lot Foodthat contribute to the fact that the problem area on the stomach disappears quickly, there are of course those that which make it difficult to lose weight and, in the worst case, even promote visceral fat. Of course, it is obvious that this is the case Products made from white flour play a role in stubborn belly fat and the simple carbohydrates it contains are quickly found as love handles in exactly this part of the body. It is similar with sweet juices and alcohol - beverages that contain a lot of sugar and calories. These, too, should only be consumed in moderation and instead be exchanged for healthy alternatives such as still water or unsweetened herbal teas in everyday life. You also renounce industrially manufactured sweets and unhealthy snacks, you deprive belly fat of its breeding ground to continue gaining weight.

Reducing belly fat with cold therapy:

For the die-hard among you who do not see any progress despite a healthy diet, cold therapy could also be an option. Here you will only see the finished result after a few weeks, but of course you will save time in the gym.

The whole thing works like this: You leave the effective but also expensive method that depending on the number of sessions, costs between 250 and 2,500 eurosto be carried out by a doctor. To do this, he puts a special vacuum cooling device on your stomach for about an hour. The device will now kill your fat cells. This process happens by the temperature of the tissue is cooled down to about four degrees. In such arctic conditions, the unloved cells can no longer survive. As soon as the cooling device is removed, will your belly then subjected to an intensive massage. With the help of these, the dead fat cells are transported away from the tissue and via the lymphatic and blood systems in the last step. We can reassure anyone who is afraid of frostbite: Your skin is protected from this the entire time with a cold protection gel.

This is how creams can melt the belly fat

A widespread myth is the use of certain creams that, with regular use, are supposed to simply shrink our belly fat. However, these products only penetrate the upper layer of the skin and cannot reach the fat cells, let alone declare war on them. On our way to a flat stomach, creams and co., Like FigurÖl from Frei Öl, which you can get for approx. 17 euros, but give us a more pleasant skin feeling and provide sufficient moisture. 😉

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Can I get rid of my belly fat with the fat-away syringe?

If our tips do not achieve the desired effect, there is ultimately another method to tackle the weight and in particular to tackle belly fat, and this is called: Fat-off-tip. Who has ever tried a diet and even lose weight in certain areas of the body wanted, he will have noticed that both are not exactly easy and The latter is even impossible. In order to make this possible and to make fat deposits disappear in a targeted manner, you can the fat-away-syringe Take remedial action. With this method, which various beauty clinics offer, will the active ingredient phosphatidylcholineextracted from the soybean, injected into the adipose tissue, which can bind fatty acids. The decomposed fat will eventually out of the body via the lymphatic system. You can, however only a small area to be treated with the syringeso that this treatment is not a sensible application for people who are generally overweight. Many patients who wanted to get rid of stubborn fat deposits, however, are enthusiastic after three to four applications, but they have toSide effects such as swelling, a feeling of pressure or even inflammation accept that can easily occur with some people. In addition, the Price from 200 to 400 euros for injection lipolysis not exactly cheap and the procedure is carried out only after detailed consultation with the specialist.

If the whole thing is too tricky for you, you will surely achieve a similar effect in the long term with a conscious diet and exercise.

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