Why do many people call football football?

My name is Anna-Lena Böhm. And one thing you have to know about me: I hate soccer! And at the moment the European Championship is taking place.

You can probably guess what's going on: Everyone's nuts because of this stupid game. Even our German teacher, Mr. C. Schmitt, asked us to write an essay about football, the European Championship, which team will win and why we think so. But that's not all!!! Everywhere you see flags, jerseys, scarves, hats and even sundaes with all sorts of flags on them and everywhere you only hear something like: We are European champions, Schweinsteiger played really badly and we are the best. Soccer here, soccer there, soccer everywhere !!!!!!

I cant hear that anymore !!!!!!! What's so great about it anyway? I mean: Twenty-two sweaty players run back and forth on a field and fight each other over a black and white ball that they just shoot around the area anyway. If there were twenty-two of the kind, there would be no quarrel either!

And the fact that some people also spend their hard-earned money to watch something like that or sit in front of the television for ninety minutes, I can't understand that.

Hello! My name is Arda Özen and you have to know one thing about me: I don't hate football. Some people go crazy because there are so many fans. Thanks to the EM, our German teacher can think of good teaching material. In addition, there is so much advertising on many objects that then many fans buy more of the products. Some of the people who talk about football also talk about it because it's special when your home country receives a trophy. You have to know that: The players are sweaty, but they don't fight each other for the ball. If everyone had a ball, nobody would try to take the ball from the other player and then I just say: poor goalkeeper! Because if eleven balls are shot at the goal, he cannot hold any more or at least get the balls off his body. Then you wouldn't need a goalkeeper any more. Or? And spend that with the money, as I said before: these are the very loyal fans! But: I think almost every football hater has a different sport that he likes and what he spends money on!

Hello Anna-Lena Böhm,
In your text you asked the question: What should be so great about football? I tell you!
1. You are right that 22 sweaty players run back and forth, but they don't fight for the "black and white ball", they fight for the ball.
2. Football is exciting. You cheer for the players! A goal happens and the "fans" or the "spectators" are just as happy as the players. You swear just like the players when they shoot the crossbar or the post or just next to it.
3. The greatest thing is usually the fans. They sing like crazy and all for their favorite team. But they are not only the best, they are also the most important, because they motivate the players !!!!!!!!!!!
4. You can also earn money with football, like my dad, for example. And money is very important when you have a wife or children.
That's why football is so great for me! I can give you more reasons, but these are the most important reasons why I think football is so great !!!!!!!!!
You don't like football? I don't get it !!!!!

Hello Anna-Lena,

I think football is great. I'm the Ilayda and I do a lot of sports. But my favorite sport is soccer. And the EM is currently taking place. Everyone knows what it is like: tension, joy and excitement. And when a goal is scored, it really starts. Everyone is on the street and partying until the early hours of the morning. The soccer fever broke out at my school. Everyone talks about the game, who played good and bad. Our German teacher Mr. Schmitt particularly likes to talk about football because he plays football himself. We even had to write an essay about our opinion, our favorite team and our favorite players. But not only at school or at home, no, you can also see football everywhere in the supermarkets, you can see flags and players everywhere. Everywhere: joy and celebration and unfortunately sometimes tears too. Soccer is awesome! What is supposed to be great about it? Just everything. Besides, football is not always, I mean that you still have to get up in the morning, go to work or school, after work you also have a lot to do: go shopping, visit grandma and grandpa, some other boring things. But when the European Championship or the World Cup takes place, there is something that brings color and tension into life. Many spend money to watch football because they want to see the game on a big screen and you are not alone there. But it is also better to spend a few euros instead of watching football on a small television at home alone. That should be left to everyone. Anyway, I think football is great.