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Conversion of millimeters (mm) to centimeters (cm)

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In Germany, the metric system is usually used, in practice we work with meters and centimeters (cm), millimeters (mm) and the associated units.

Almost everyone knows the formulas for converting between the units from school. But sometimes you want it to be easy and quick. Use our for this Millimeter-centimeter converter .. have lots of fun with it:

Basics for converting millimeters to centimeters

The meter is the basic unit of length in the International System of Units (SI) and in other metric systems of units. The meter is used very often in everyday life. However, it is unsuitable for medium lengths and so the subunit centimeter with the abbreviation cm is used. A common statement in everyday life is: "The bed is 80 cm wide".

Even smaller distances are then expressed with millimeters and the abbreviation mm. Ten millimeters are equal to one centimeter. In everyday language it is common to say something like "The screw has a diameter of 8 millimeters".

Formulas for converting between mm and cm

If you make a calculation between millimeters mm and centimeters cm, you will now find the formulas for both starting values:

Determine the number of mm from cm
mm = cm / 0.1

Determine number of cm from mm
cm = mm * 0.1

Summary table: centimeters (cm) from millimeters (mm):

1 mm =>0.1 cm
5 mm =>0.5 cm
10 mm =>1 cm
15 mm =>1.5 cm
20 mm =>2 cm
25 mm =>2.5 cm
30 mm =>3 cm
35 mm =>3.5 cm
40 mm =>4 cm
45 mm =>4.5 cm
50 mm =>5 cm
55 mm =>5.5 cm
60 mm =>6 cm
65 mm =>6.5 cm
70 mm =>7 cm
75 mm =>7.5 cm
80 mm =>8 cm
85 mm =>8.5 cm
90 mm =>9 cm
95 mm =>9.5 cm
100 mm =>10 centimeters
105 mm =>10.5 cm
110 mm =>11 cm
115 mm =>11.5 cm
120 mm =>12 cm
125 mm =>12.5 cm
130 mm =>13 cm
135 mm =>13.5 cm
140 mm =>14 cm
145 mm =>14.5 cm
150 mm =>15 cm
155 mm =>15.5 cm
160 mm =>16 cm
165 mm =>16.5 cm
170 mm =>17 cm
175 mm =>17.5 cm
180 mm =>18 cm
185 mm =>18.5 cm
190 mm =>19 cm
195 mm =>19.5 cm
200 mm =>20 cm

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