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Data cleansing - data quality instead of data chaos

Data cleansing of your company data

If the data analysis shows that the company data does not meet your requirements or if you have specific data management projects pending, it is high time to take care of the data quality. Data Cleansing is the Uniserv product with which you can implement the cleanup in a high-performance batch run. The data cleansing tool does this, among other things. the extraction of the necessary data from the source systems through connectors, the cleaning of postal data, the enrichment with further information (e.g. for the Geomarketing) or the identification of duplicates or their complex consolidation.

With data cleansing, you can always clean your data according to your own rules or you can use a variety of best practice settings. Clean up the abnormalities that you have found interactively with the Uniserv solution Data Analyzer or with the automatic monitoring of Data governance have uncovered. With the Data Quality Service Hub from Uniserv, you create the data consistency required for your processes and applications.

The services of data cleansing

  • Data Cleansing extracts data from a wide variety of source systems: databases, files or applications
  • International address verification to validate, correct and normalize addresses worldwide in batches. Error-tolerant comparison of the address-specific elements against international reference data
  • Validation and correction of any data by creating an individual set of rules, e.g. B. with the integrated rule editor
  • Identification of duplicates in customer data using powerful similarity algorithms and country-specific knowledge bases in both B2C and B2B areas. Identity Resolution supports the challenge of searching and matching customer identity data
  • Aggregation and consolidation of the data to form a golden record
  • Enrichment of the company master data with important additional information, such as B. geodata or x-y coordinates
  • Transformation of the data formats and data record structures into a given target format
  • Loading the cleaned, reconciled, consolidated and transformed data into one or more target systems - with a focus on high-performance processing of mass data

Data Cleansing offers you the following advantages

  • Suitable for handling small cleansing projects with limited amounts of data as well as for company-wide cleansing with very large data volumes
  • User-friendly graphical editor with which you can create, visualize and document even complex jobs
  • Due to the Unicode capability of Data Cleansing, different fonts and country-specific character sets can be handled
  • Flexible integration of international address verification into your business applications: as a classic installation solution, via Software as a service or in the Uniserv hybrid model, which offers the advantages of both worlds

Data quality as a success factor through data cleansing

Data cleansing is an essential step in Data quality process. It does not matter whether it is about cleaning up old systems, master data, in connection with migration projects, in risk management or compliance. Even when realizing customer orientation with primarily operational, department-related data use, e.g. For example, in customer loyalty or in dialogue and direct marketing, adjusted data is of great importance.

Data cleansing creates optimal data quality regarding topicality, reliability and level of detail. Data Cleansing thus lays the foundation for a higher information content, good analysis results and effective business processes.