Who owns the Black Pearl sailing yacht

Ranking of the mega yachts New record luxury sailor comes from Kiel

That comes from the current ranking of the yacht magazine "Boats Exclusiv". Not only the three-master built at German Naval Yards overtakes the Eos launched in Bremen. With the Black Pearl, another newcomer jumps straight to second place. With a length of 106 meters, however, it is well behind the new front runner from Kiel. Oceanco, a shipyard in the Netherlands, took over the construction.

Star designer Philippe Starck designed the new top sailor

In total, only eleven new sailors managed to get a place in the top 200 this year. The new top boat A was designed by the French star designer Philippe Starck. Officially, it is a "motor yacht with sailing support", according to the name certified by Lloyds Register. Russian billionaire Andrei Melnichenko, who also owns the 119-meter motor yacht “A”, indulged in the boat.

On the world's largest sailing yacht, Melnichenko doesn't have to do without: the ship has an underwater lounge in the keel, four dinghies and a mini submarine. 4,500 square meters of sails, more than half a football pitch, can be attached to the carbon fiber masts, which rise almost 100 meters into the sky. According to Boats Exclusiv, the price of the super sailor should be around 400 million euros.

Super sailing yacht market under pressure

Despite the new record highs, the sailing yacht market is under pressure: “Today, many owners are increasingly opting for motor yachts,” says Marcus Krall, editor-in-chief of Boats Exclusiv. The experience of being out on a large sailing yacht is, however, something very special. "Quite a few German managers and industrialists own such formats," said Krall.