Which grocery stores take competitor coupons

Ordering groceries online: what should I pay attention to?

Huge packs of toilet paper, heavy crates of drinks or sold out favorite products: going to the supermarket is not a pleasure for everyone. Ordering groceries online is a simple and convenient way to have your weekly groceries delivered to your doorstep. This saves valuable life time that you can invest in the preparation and enjoyment of meals.

Which supermarkets offer a delivery service?

The age of digitization has left its mark on the food supply. In addition to the possibility of ordering ready-cooked food to your home, you can also use the delivery service of a supermarket. Here you will find a large selection of shops that bring groceries straight to your home. We have excluded providers such as Lieferando, who operate as delivery services for restaurants and deliver prepared meals.

Supermarket delivery service

Given the current housing market, you have to take what you get. Which supermarket is nearby and whether it is within walking distance does not matter at first. However, if you have moved in and are fed up with the dragging of your favorite oat milk, certain types of tofu or organic chickpeas, you can use the opportunity to order groceries online. Here you will find a selection of supermarkets that offer you a grocery delivery service or shops that sell groceries exclusively online:

As you can see, discount grocery stores like Aldi, Lidl or Penny are missing from this list. Although they have an online shop, you cannot order groceries online there. However, if you are looking for inexpensive non-food items that will make your quarantine more comfortable, go looking for fitness equipment so that you can enjoy your sport at home over the long term. So you can bridge the time until your cheap gym opens its doors again.

Delivery service of food boxes and cooking boxes

Don't you feel like looking for recipes, comparing your supplies with the list of ingredients and then, equipped with a shopping list, go into the obstacle course through the supermarket before you even start cooking your food? Cooking boxes can bring welcome relief. You will receive recipes and everything you need to prepare them delivered directly to your door. With the gigantic selection of providers, you will also find food boxes that are specially tailored to your needs: from mood-enhancing chocolate to turmeric latte, which is supposed to strengthen your immune system.

Cooking boxes

Food boxes with specialties

Healthy food deliveries

Sweet and salty supplies

Which food box and which subscription you order naturally depends on your eating habits and your expectations of the food delivery. Also drugstores like dm offer groceries in their online shop. These are also a good alternative to shopping with an online pharmacy voucher, for example if you need nutritional supplements.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a grocery delivery service?

If you are not yet sure whether you should order your groceries online, or better not, you will find a decision-making aid here.

Why you should order groceries online

  1. You save annoying time in the queue at the checkout or currently in front of the supermarket.
  2. You can conveniently order groceries online from anywhere: from the couch or in public transport on the way home.
  3. If you are physically restricted, grocery delivery offers are a great help.
  4. You can expect a larger assortment than in the small shop around the corner.
  5. You have enough time and the opportunity to compare products, their ingredients and nutritional values ​​and of course the price.

Why you should go to the supermarket

  1. Do you not only want to taste your food when it is cooked, but also smell it when shopping, check the consistency or at least perform a visual quality check? Then there is no way around the supermarket.
  2. Fresh or cool food arrives in your kitchen without any loss of quality - unfortunately often only if you bring it there yourself.
  3. Often times, you can only choose one time slot if you want to order in groceries. If you go shopping yourself, you can organize your time freely and are independent.
  4. You don't have to pay any shipping costs for delivery.
  5. Fruit nets, jute bags or at least paper bags have long been part of your equipment? If you get food delivered, you unfortunately have little influence on the packaging waste.

Food delivery service providers in comparison

In the table you will find the most important indicators for the evaluation of online supermarkets at a glance. In our virtual shopping cart, we compared the prices for the following products and derived the price level from this:

  • Alpro soy yoghurt blueberry 500g
  • Salad cucumber 1 piece
  • Oatly oat drink Barisa 1 liter
  • Rama margarine 500g
  • Dr. Oetker Vitalis Chocolate Muesli, semi-dry
  • Nusspli Nut Nougat Cream 400g
  • Children's bars 10 pieces
Supermarket delivery serviceREWEBring MastermyTimegetnow
Price level★★★★★★★★★★★★★☆☆★★★★☆
Cheapest package of pasta (500g)0,45€0,45€0,89€0,49€
Shipping areathroughout GermanyGreater Berlin, Potsdam, Munichthroughout GermanyBerlin, Munich, Düsseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Hanover
Shipping0 to 5.90 €0 to 6.99 €from € 4.990 to 3.90 €
free shipping from120€€ 85 for a 4-hour time slot, from € 100 for a 2-hour time slotnot possible90€
Minimum order value50€40€30€0€
Current delivery informationDelivery dates are quickly booked out, order quantities are limitedNo delivery dates available, additional capacities are being worked onDelivery delays due to high demandNew customer discounts cannot currently be granted, new delivery capacities are to be created
Delivery currently possible?NoNoNoNo

The highest number of stars means the cheapest price for the assembled shopping cart. Due to the current situation, we were unfortunately unable to select a delivery time for an order within Berlin at any online supermarket (as of March 31, 2020). Like all stationary branches, the online supermarkets endeavor to remove the bottlenecks as quickly as possible and to increase delivery capacities. If you are lucky enough to get hold of a delivery slot, you may add groceries with no best-before date to your shopping cart - of course not in hamster quantities!

In the following you will find additional information about the respective supermarket delivery service.

Order groceries online from Rewe

Ordering from REWE online is very straightforward. The delivery costs change depending on the length of the time window in which you can expect your delivery. Some products, especially from the non-food range, are marked with “Parcel delivery”. This means that these are sent by a partner. You don't have to reach a minimum order value to order from partners!

  • range: You can expect a very wide range of products, from fruit and vegetables to fresh and frozen products to the home, leisure and fashion category. Both REWE's own brand with numerous organic products and well-known brands of food are available.
  • Price for our shopping cart: 13.29 euros
  • Saving options: Receive a 10 Euro REWE voucher if you recommend the supermarket to others. In addition, you can browse the current offers and save.
  • Conclusion: The large range and the extensive delivery area make REWE a food delivery service that is available to many people. There is also a large selection of products at every price level.

Bring Master

The EDEKA delivery service is unfortunately only limited to a few cities in Germany. You can order from the comfort of your home or on the go for the same price as in the market.

  • Range:The entire EDEKA range is available for deliveries in Berlin and Munich. This includes more than 2,000 products at discount prices and a large selection of organic products.
  • Price for our shopping cart: 13.69 euros
  • Saving options: If you subscribe to the newsletter, you can receive three orders without delivery costs. Even without a Bringmeister voucher, you can save up to 70 percent on the offers of the week!
  • Conclusion: At Bringmeister you can order groceries online at prices similar to those at REWE. However, the delivery area is currently still very limited.


Bünting E-Commerce GmbH is behind this food delivery service. More than 13,000 groceries are promised at supermarket prices as well as a wide selection of vegan, vegetarian, lactose-free and gluten-free products.

  • Range: Over 13,000 groceries
  • Price for our shopping cart: 15.53 euros
  • Savings opportunities: Receive a bonus of 10 euros if you recommend the delivery service to your friends. You will receive the myTime voucher when someone places an order following your recommendation.
  • Conclusion: Compared to REWE or Bringmeister, ordering from myTime is a bit more expensive. If frozen food is added to the shopping cart, 5.90 euros are due. There are also delivery costs for bulk orders.


At getnow you get products from a METRO branch near you. The METRO own brand in particular offers great savings potential: You can get 900 grams of fish fingers for only 3.99 euros. For comparison: 300 grams of igloo fish fingers cost a proud 2.29 euros at REWE. Getnow also offers a range of products for business customers, for example for an extensive team breakfast, the supply of fresh fruit and vegetables or delicious snacks for strenuous meetings.

  • Range: The range includes more than 15,000 products.
  • Price for our shopping cart: 14.98 euros
  • Saving opportunities: Around 700 reduced products, five euros getnow voucher in the newsletter, 10 euros discount for referrals
  • Conclusion: In our test, getnow surprised with rather high prices for standard quantities and well-known brands. Only the Alpro soy yoghurt could keep up with the prices from REWE or Bringmeister. However, very large supply packs or the search for your own brand are worthwhile in the usual METRO manner.

Where should I order my groceries? - Conclusion

First and foremost, your place of residence determines which supermarket you can order your groceries from online. The range also plays a major role in choosing the best supplier for you. If your healthy breakfast to go or comfortably at the breakfast table includes a certain type of plant milk or granola, try to get as much as possible with one order. The existing range should therefore cover as much of your needs as possible in order to save delivery costs on the one hand, but also to achieve the necessary minimum order value.

Based on the above criteria, we would like to recommend the REWE delivery service for your food orders. The online supermarket impresses with its large delivery area and consistently low prices compared to the competition. With a REWE voucher you are also well equipped to turn your grocery shopping into a bargain hunt.