Which NASA missions failed?

Space missionNASA cheers, Esa fails

While the Europeans suffer a setback, the US space agency Nasa is cheering.

The European space agency Esa, Spain and France wanted to bring satellites into space, which were to observe the earth and electromagnetic radiation from there. This project failed today. The rocket that was supposed to bring the satellites up had been in the air for just eight minutes, then the responsible space company Arianespace determined that the rocket was no longer on the correct trajectory. The whole mission has thus failed, the rocket and the satellites on board will crash and break.

Another space mission worked: The US space agency Nasa has brought astronauts to the ISS for the first time without being dependent on Russia.

Three astronauts and one female astronaut from the USA and Japan flew in a private space capsule from the USA to the ISS and successfully docked at around 4 a.m. this morning. The flight there had taken about 27 hours. The new group of astronauts will stay on the ISS for six months and do research.

In the last few years the US had to let all its astronauts fly from Russia to the ISS because NASA itself did not have the technology. Now the transport has been taken over by the private company SpaceX. Both the transport capsule and the rocket that brought the capsule into space were developed by SpaceX. NASA plans to outsource many parts of the US space projects to private companies in the future. SpaceX should bring people into space again next year, possibly also space tourists or celebrities.