How did you make your life miserable

Only you have the power to change your life

Often people live unhappy and dissatisfied with their life without doing anything about it. They know that they are missing something and that their life is not perfect, but they do nothing about it.

Are you one of them too? Are restlessness, unhappiness and dissatisfaction an everyday part of your life? Do you know what it's like to strive for more?

Then you are exactly right here. First you have to know that you are not alone. Everyone was dissatisfied with the situation in which they were at least once in a lifetime.

The big difference, however, is between people who, despite their dissatisfaction, just carry on as they have up to this point and those who do not allow this state to take over their entire life.

Who do you want to be? Someone who goes through life unhappy and dissatisfied? Or one who has control over his life? Who changes his life when he realizes he's not happy?

If you think it is time for a life change, today you will learn how to get there. Here you can find:

• Why is it so difficult to change your life?

• Tips on how you can change your life.

Why is it so hard to change your life?

That is precisely the big question: why is it so difficult to change our lives when we know we are not happy?

Humans are creatures of habit. Every morning we get up and do the same thing. We brush our teeth, we drink coffee, we get dressed, always in the same row.

We don't even think about it. Autopilot takes over, you could say.

We take the same route to work. Yes, maybe this route is the fastest and the best, but even if someday someone told us there is a better route, we probably wouldn't take it. And why?

Out of fear. For fear of loss, fear of failure and fear of the unknown.

We do not know what is waiting for us when we change our path or our life. Everything that is known is somehow pleasant, even if we no longer enjoy it.

Even if we try to change something in our life, who can guarantee that we will succeed? How do we know it's getting better? What if we lose more than we gain with this change?

These are all questions that hold us back from changing our lives. We'd rather stay in our comfort zone and try to tell ourselves that it's not that bad there.

Yes, maybe it could be better, but ... And there lies the problem. But in this one. As long as we find excuses for ourselves and as long as we lie to ourselves that it might not be all that bad, we can't change our lives.

If you are willing to give up all excuses and old beliefs, then you are well on the way to changing your life. And I'll help you with it.

Tips on how to change your life

Changing your life is not easy. You have to work a lot, but it's worth it. These tips will help you create a new life for yourself.

1. Find out what makes you unhappy

One of the hardest steps is figuring out what it is that is making you unhappy.

A common problem is that if we are dissatisfied with one area of ​​our life, this dissatisfaction also has an effect on the other areas.

Then you have to be careful to separate the cause from the consequences.

There are three common areas in which people are dissatisfied:

• Job (you no longer find joy in the job you are doing and you want a new job or you just want a better position in your job ...)

• Relationships (you are no longer in love with your partner, you no longer want to be single, some friendships no longer suit you or the relationship between family members does not work ...)

• Lifestyle (you want to live healthier, lose weight, look better ...)

If we are not satisfied with the way we look, it often happens that we reject the tenderness of our partner and that can lead to relationship problems.

When we have problems in our relationship, we are distracted, we cannot do our best at work, and that leads to problems at work.

That is precisely why it is important to recognize the reason for your original dissatisfaction.

2. The worst and the best scenario

Try to imagine your life in 5, 10 or even 20 years if you don't change anything. How bad would your life be if you kept going in the wrong direction?

That's one reason why people often don't change anything. They haven't come to the worst scenario yet, they don't hate their life. Your life is not wonderful, but it is bearable.

But does the worst really have to come for you to change something? How long do you want to put up with your life instead of enjoying it?

Now imagine that you have three wishes. With three wishes, your life can become the best possible scenario. What would your life be like then?

And why are you waiting for wishes? Accept that you are the only one who can change your life and start doing it!

3. Set goals

Now that you know what your life could be, it's time to set goals. Your dream life is your big goal.

Since this goal looks so distant and out of your reach, it is good to set small goals that lead to the big goal.

These small goals should also be achieved in a certain amount of time. For example, you can set a goal for each week or each month.

It is best to take a piece of paper and write it all down. All the little goals and how you can use them to achieve your big goal.

Not only does this help you to be focused, but you always have an eye on all the things that you have already achieved.

Seeing how much your life has changed is a great inspiration to move on. You see in black and white how your life is changing.

Review your plan often to always know how far you've come and how much is still ahead of you.

4. Get started right away

Sometimes we try to change our lives with willpower. We brood and brood, but we didn't do anything. Yes, unfortunately it doesn't work that way. You have to work on it if you want to change your life.

And you have to start right away. You've probably heard that starting a new routine on Monday is better at sticking to decisions.

Or on January 1st. This is shit! These are excuses that keep you from being happy.

Take the first step in a new direction and change something in your routine on the first day. Get dressed as soon as you get up instead of staying in your pajamas. Take a different route to work.

Instead of flying on autopilot, your mindfulness will take over.

With the help of these small steps you will see that change is not bad, you become more courageous and in little time you are ready for a bigger change.

5. Find your strengths

The great thing about changing your life is that you alone decide how to do it. There isn't just one right way you can do it.

If a new job is your change, it is particularly important to know what your strengths are or what you are doing well. Combine it with something that gives you pleasure and you are one step closer to your dream job.

If you want a healthier life for yourself and love to be active, exercising regularly is your solution.

But if you prefer to be at home and be a master in the kitchen, healthier cooking can lead to healthier lives.

At the same time you will also find your weaknesses, which is good too, because when you know which ones they are, it is easier to fight them. Accept your weaknesses too, but keep your focus on your strengths.

6. Tell everyone about your plans

It is very important that you don't just keep your plans to yourself. When you tell other people about it, they become more important than if they are just in your head.

Your friends, family or your partner will also support you on your path to change. They can just be there for you to cheer you on, but they can also help you with advice.

Ask them if they've already made a big life change and how.

In this way you will learn a few more tips, but you also understand that you are not alone, that others were on a bad path too, but have managed to change their lives.

Along the way, you can also meet new people who may have similar goals. You can help each other stay focused and achieve your goals together.

7. Stay positive and patient

A change in life doesn't happen overnight. You have to be aware that it can take a while to get to your goal.

Sometimes you won't succeed in making a minor change on the first try. But that's not a bad thing.

This is where it shows that you've written down your goals, because in a moment it will probably look like you're not making any progress. As if you are getting nowhere.

Self-doubt can then arise and you can believe that it is better to give up and go back to the old and familiar. At this moment you just need a little motivation.

Then read everything you've already done. You will see how much your life differs from that of a month or half a year ago.

Also think about your future, what it will look like. Then you know it's worth going on.

8. Change means letting go

No matter what your goal is, change also means letting go. Maybe you need to let go of a partner you love but hold back, or you may need to let go of a secure job that is not your dream job.

You have to remember that even if you lose something now, you will get a lot more in the end.

Now is not the time to feel guilty and to blame. Focus on your goal and let go of everything that takes you away from your goal.

9. Reward yourself

Yes, you have to work a lot to change your life, but fun is also allowed. It doesn't all have to be so strict and disciplined.

When you've achieved a few small goals or a bigger goal, you can reward yourself as well. Treat yourself to a little break and do what you love to do best.

Read books, go shopping, go to a nice restaurant or be lazy all day and do nothing.

You need a little relaxation from time to time so as not to burn out. You can meditate or treat yourself to a massage.

It is important that you have replenished your energy reserves so that you can continue to change your life.


The sun rises, the sun sets, one day becomes another, a week and a month. Spring comes and goes, summer, autumn and winter as well.

Nothing remains as it is. We change too. At the beginning we say we grow and grow up, later it is called aging. But we never stay the same.

Change is just a part of our life. Standing in the same place is not in our nature.

We have no control over some changes, but we can over others. If we find that something is wrong in our life, we are solely responsible for making a change.

No other person can do this for us, only we alone have the power to change our lives.

P.S. If you still need motivation to change your life, I have prepared some sayings for you that can help you on your way.

1. Either we find a way or we make one.

2. Only the dumbest and the wisest cannot change.

3. If you want to change your country, change your city. If you want to change your city, change your street. If you want to change your street, change your house. If you want to change your house, change yourself.

4. It is not the external circumstances that change life, but the internal changes that manifest themselves in life.

5. When the wind of change blows, some build walls and others windmills.

6. One does not discover new continents without having the courage to lose sight of old coasts.

7. The point is not to run your head against the wall, but to find the door with your eyes.

8. I don't know of a sure path to success, but a sure path to failure: To do it right.

9. Anyone who stands still and does not move falls over in a swaying ship.

10. Even a heavy door only needs a small key.

11. You can't bake a pancake without breaking a few eggs.

12. Intelligence is the ability to adapt to changes.

13. The world hates change, but it's the only thing that has ever made progress.

14. Every change creates fear. And the best way to combat them is to improve your knowledge.

15. He who stops wanting to get better stops being good.

16. What would life be if we didn't have the courage to take risks?

17. I am more interested in the future than in the past, because I intend to live in it.

18. To change a habit, make a conscious decision and then implement the new behavior.

19. Change is the law of life. Those who only look to the past or the present will miss the future.

20. Life is like a bicycle. You have to keep moving forward so as not to lose your balance.

21. Big changes in our life can be a second chance.

22. The head is round so that the mind can change direction.

23. People always want everything to be different and at the same time they want everything to stay the same.

24. The greatest decision of your life is that you can change your life by changing your mindset.