What is the naval officer's wages

How Much Does a Naval Officer Make a Year?

US Navy officers can specialize in anything from aviation to law and medicine. These sailors have received an officers commission and are paid accordingly. As with other US military officers, they receive a base salary set annually by the government. However, they are also entitled to allowances and special salaries, depending on their individual circumstances and the chosen military occupation.

Join the Navy

To become an officer in the Navy, a recruit must meet a rigorous set of qualifications. He must be a US citizen between the ages of 19 and 35 at the time of commissioning and have obtained at least a bachelor's degree from a recognized university. He must also be able to perform a drug test and criminal background check, as well as meet the Navy's physical fitness standards. To join the Navy as an officer, three to five years of service or more are required, depending on the officer's chosen military specialty.

Base salary

Naval officers receive a basic fee based on two factors: their rank and their time in the Navy. Officers receive a raise with each promotion and approximately every two years of service. For example earned a new ensign - the lowest officer level - $ 2,876.40 per month or $ 34,516.80 per year. On the flip side, a captain - the sixth grade up - by age 13 in the Navy makes $ 7,473 per month, or $ 89,676 each year.

Allowances and special wages

Navy officers may be able to receive additional compensation, especially when serving in dangerous situations or in highly specialized areas. All seafarers are entitled to basic housing and subsistence allowances when living on the grassroots and can receive a living allowance when stationed in a high cost area. In addition, civil servants who work in special functions may be entitled to additional remuneration. For example, people who work in ship functions are entitled to "sea money", while those who fly or are in airplanes are entitled to "flight money". These bonus payments can range up to hundreds of dollars per month, usually depending on rank, time in the Navy, or both.

Job outlook

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts "great" prospects for military careers through 2020. While the number of members of the overall service may remain the same, there are opportunities for new officers - and newly hired - as more seasoned military personnel to retire or fulfill their obligations.

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