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Nextdoor against : New networks fight for neighbors

When Sarah Leary is out and about in Europe, like these days, she still knows what is going on in her neighborhood in San Francisco. To do this, Leary opens an app on her cell phone and reads that there was a shooting and a neighbor wants to run for mayor. Others have started a vote to change the route of a bus route. The app also provides numerous offers and requests, from babysitting and Italian lessons to found sunglasses.

All of this is published on the social network Nextdoor, which Leary co-founded in 2011. It should be a complement to Facebook, because Leary was missing something there. "Through social networks, we have the opportunity to communicate with people all over the world," says the manager. Nevertheless, especially in the cities, many people hardly know their neighbors. Nextdoor wants to change that and is now also starting in Germany.

If you want to become a member, you have to give your address and you will receive a postcard with an access code. This is to ensure that only neighbors can really come into contact with each other. Nextdoor has networked more than 140,000 neighborhoods in the USA, and the company has also been active in the Netherlands and Great Britain since the previous year. Nextdoor does not give exact user numbers, according to Leary they are in the double-digit million range.

71 neighborhoods are already active in Berlin

In this country, the former StudiVZ boss Marcus Riecke has been building up the network since the beginning of the year, which means that 71 neighborhoods are already active in Berlin, such as in the Boxhagener Kiez or on Bundesplatz. However, it won't be easy for Nextdoor, because with there is already a strong local competitor. "We are the top dog," says founder Christian Vollmann and is optimistic that it will stay that way. In contrast to other social networks, the greater reach of global providers does not bring an advantage per se.

"Once a neighborhood is networked on a platform, there is no need to switch," says Vollmann. And has had more than 500,000 active users since it started in 2015. In addition, the Berliners have just taken over the smaller German competitor WirNachbarn. Nextdoor has also gone this way in Great Britain: there the Americans have taken over Streetlife for a million euro. Buying the Germans is currently not an issue, says Leary. And Vollmann doesn't want to know about it either: "We don't want to sell, we want to build a permanent German platform."

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