What are high school rumors

5 - High School: Land of Rumors -

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- High School: Land of Rumors -

~ Paige

Rehearsals took off and we worked for hours.

I also had a bad conscience during rehearsals because I had canceled the boys.
"I'm sorry that I thwarted your plans. You probably wanted to go to the victory party too." Henry apologized when I finished the piece and stepped away from the piano keyboard.
“What?” I asked confused and gave a short laugh.
"You're kidding, aren't you? You postponed the rehearsal just for me so I could cheer Dylan on, you don't have to apologize for anything, Henry. Really not," I said, rolling my eyes with a grin.

When Henry had something to object to, Hilary came on stage. Her blonde straight hair bobbed as she hopped towards us.

"Wow! You play fantastic!" She said brightly. How much enthusiasm can a person actually have? Because Hilary was full of it. I would hardly be upset if smileys explode from her at some point.
Smiling, I thanked her, and saw from the corner of my eye that Henry was looking at me grinning.

"Well then, I would say I'm going now, my work is done. See you tomorrow," I said, getting up from the piano.
"Until tomorrow, ohh and tomorrow the grand piano will be set up. Then you can rehearse properly," Hilary promised me.

"Shall I drive you Paige? Is it late?" Henry asked a little nervously, but tried to keep his smile up. I was visibly irritated. "ehm..I don't know. I hate to be a burden to you all the time-"
"You? To be a burden to Henry? That I don't laugh!" Hilary giggled.
"I'm already a burden to Henry if I ask him for the butter. You, on the other hand, can ask him what you want Paige." she explained and winked at me with a grin.
What should I think of it?

"You heard you are not a burden to me," said Henry, somewhat embarrassed, and gave his sister a brief warning look that made me laugh.

"Okay," I finally said, shrugging my shoulders and pulling my jeans jacket on. "Do you already have a dress for your gig?" Asked Hilary as she pecked at me. Looking for help, I looked at Henry who grinned at his sister and shook his head. "So I was thinking of something short, you don't have feet long, but you still have that enviable tan, how about a-"

"Do you have to wait for a dress?" I asked carefully. Hilary looked perplexed and finally shook her head. "Eh no"
"Well, what do you think of jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers?" I asked her and looked at her waiting. Hilary was shocked while Henry and I laughed.

"Thanks for taking away" I called after both of them. "Dear Paige," said Henry. Suddenly Hilary pushed her brother away from the window. "Don't forget, we go shopping tomorrow! The mall always has special offers on Saturdays," she exclaimed enthusiastically, which made me laugh as I watched Henry rolled his eyes in annoyance. "Okay, see you tomorrow," I called again and waved to them as they drove away. In a good mood, I went to my front door.

~ Dylan

The men's cabin was filled with cheers and roars of victory. We laughed out loud and celebrated our victory while we changed. But suddenly it became very quiet in the cabin, when I turned around, confused, I saw the coach standing in front of me. Who had tucked his clipboard under his arm and looked at us sternly. Slowly my smile faded and I briefly looked over at the other boys, who are also eager to see the coach's reaction. "You are all, a bunch of tail-ridden idiots who most likely have nothing better to do than play beer-pong and dream of breasts," he exclaimed with a serious expression. "And yet," he continued with a sigh.
"We won today and you saved your asses," he said with a big grin. A light wreath of wrinkles formed around his eyes. "So ... carry on." The coach warned us and slowly walked out of the cabin. A few seconds after he disappeared. The boys raged again and roared victoriously.