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Weight of euro coins



Weight: 2.30 g

Diameter: 16.25 mm

Thickness: 1.67mm             






The 1 cent coin is the smallest euro coin. It weighs 2.30 grams and has a diameter of 16.25 mm. The highly magnetizable 1 cent coin is made of iron with a copper coating and has a smooth edge.



Weight: 3.06 g

Diameter: 18.75 mm

Thickness: 1.67mm






The 2-cent coin weighs 3.06 grams, the diameter of the 2-cent coin is 18.75 mm and its edge is smooth except for a narrow notch. This means that blind people can also better recognize the difference to the 1 cent coin. The 2-cent coin is also made of iron with a copper coating and is highly magnetizable.



Weight: 3.92 g

Diameter: 21.25 mm

Thickness: 1.67mm






With a diameter of 21.25 mm, the 5-cent coin is slightly larger than the 2-cent coin. The weight of the 5-cent coin is 3.92 grams and, like the 1-cent coin and the 2-cent coin, the strongly magnetizable coin with a smooth edge is made of iron with a copper layer. 


Weight: 4.10 g

Diameter: 19.75 mm

Thickness: 1.93mm






The 10 cent coin weighs 4.10 grams and is 19.75 mm in diameter. The non-magnetizable coin is characterized by a coarsely fluted edge and consists of a copper-aluminum-zinc-tin alloy, which is also known as "Nordic gold". 


Weight: 5.74 g

Diameter: 22.25 mm

Thickness: 2.14mm






The 20-cent coin is characterized by seven even notches on the edge. The weight of the 20 cent coin is 5.74 grams and its diameter is 22.25 mm. Like the 10-cent coin, the coin is also made of a copper-aluminum-zinc-tin alloy and is not magnetizable. 


Weight: 7.80 g

Diameter: 24.25 mm

Thickness: 2.38mm






The roughly fluted 50 cent coin weighs 7.80 grams and has a diameter of 24.25 mm. A copper-aluminum-zinc-tin alloy is also used as the material and the 50 cent coin cannot be magnetized. 


Weight: 7.50 g

Diameter: 23.25 mm

Thickness: 2.33mm






The weight of the 1 euro coin is 7.50 grams, the coin has broken corrugations and the diameter is 23.25 mm. The silver core of the 1 euro coin is made of copper-nickel, nickel and copper-nickel layered and the outer ring is made of nickel-brass. The 1 euro coin is weakly magnetizable. 


Weight: 8.50 g

Diameter: 25.75 mm

Thickness: 2.20 mm






The 2 euro coin with a diameter of 25.75 mm is the largest euro coin, weighs 8.50 grams and is therefore also the heaviest euro coin. What is very striking about this weakly magnetizable coin is the different lettering on the finely fluted edge, depending on the issuing country. The golden core is made of nickel-brass, nickel, layered nickel-brass and the outer ring is made of copper-nickel.