Which SAS software is used by actuaries

Continentale Versicherungsverbund relies on self-service analytics from SAS

Insurer replaces its own solution for actuarial services with SAS Visual Analytics

Heidelberg, March 28, 2017 - The Continentale Insurance Association has replaced a self-created solution for insurance technicians and actuaries with self-service analytics based on SAS Visual Analytics. The insurer has thus succeeded in lowering the IT costs for operation, maintenance and further development in this sub-area while still meeting as many of the very specific requirements of the specialist department as possible.

The actuaries have to use analytical tools to answer strategic actuarial questions on a daily basis. How do tariffs in the motor vehicle division and sales figures relate to one another? Is a new tariff model economically viable in the long term? Is it worth entering a new market segment? "A small but particularly important area," explains Verena Steinmetz, Head of Insurance Technology at Continentale.

With SAS Visual Analytics, IT can now offer the specialist department data analyzes in a self-service process and still map a large part of the existing, highly individual solution. "With a new standard software, we have bought freedom from IT and can conserve our resources," says Hans-Ulrich Jaeger, head of IT. "The introduction of SAS Visual Analytics is definitely a success story for us," said Jaeger. "It shows that it is worthwhile to rely on modern analytics even for small but politically important areas in the company."

“Many companies - especially in the insurance industry - are faced with the same IT problem as Continentale: They operate sophisticated, but costly,“ self-made products ”for individual departments. We are proud that we were able to prove once again at Continentale that SAS can map these requirements with standard software such as SAS Visual Analytics in a cost-effective and future-proof way, ”comments Kai Fahlenbock, Senior Sales Manager Insurance at SAS.

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