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Ten business captains who support Donald Trump

«Isolationist, protectionist show-off»

Trump is an "isolationist, protectionist show-off," said Vlock, who is even considering donating money to the Democratic campaign. Hedge fund manager Paul Singer, a loyal supporter of the American right, also wants to hold back this time. The “King of the Financial Vultures” has announced that he will not vote for Clinton or Trump.

Other business representatives, on the other hand, have publicly supported Trump. These are the most famous Trump supporters in the business world:

Sheldon Adelson (real estate): The owner of Las Vegas Sands Corp. has been supporting Republicans for years. With a fortune of $ 31 billion, Adelson is one of the party's richest financiers. It is clear to the Jewish entrepreneur that he would have supported any Republican nominee and will do the same with Trump: "I think he will be good for Israel," said Adelson.

Carl Icahn (hedge fund): As a major investor, Icahn has amassed billions. He hopes Trump will bring about a radical change in policy. The candidate offered Icahn the office of finance minister early on in the primary campaign. After some hesitation, Icahn agreed and wants to rebuild Washington as he is used to from his companies.

Andrew Beal (Banking): Similar to Icahn, the founder and head of Beal Bank is one of Trump's early supporters. The billionaire describes himself as a libertarian - and moved to the Trump camp after Rand Paul left the race for the office of Republican presidential candidate. A legal dispute between Trump and Beal a few years ago has long been forgotten and forgiven.

T. Boone Pickens (oil industry, hedge funds): The prominent investor and company raider made his money in the oil business. Pickens says he has had enough of “politicians” and supports Trump's proposal that Muslims should temporarily no longer be allowed to enter the United States. “Let's try something new,” said the 88-year-old: “If Trump's presidency goes wrong, I'll be gone anyway”.

Robert Kraft (paper and packaging industry, sport): The sports official and owner of the Kraft Gruppe describes himself as a personal “friend” of Trump. After the death of his wife in 2011, Trump was one of the few people who had accompanied him through this difficult time. "I'll be eternally grateful to him for that," said the billionaire.

Foster Friess (asset management): As a “born again” Christian and multimillionaire, Friess is one of the Republicans' most sought-after donors. He doesn't judge people based on what happened before, but what could become of them, says Friess. The decisive factor for him is the power of the president to nominate candidates for the Supreme Court. Judges chosen by Clinton could "restrict religious freedom," according to one of his fears.

Shalabh Kumar (electronics): For the native Indian and head of the Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC), Trump is not a racist. The AVG boss hopes that President Trump will take decisive action against Islamic extremism. Like Trump, Kumar advocates widespread surveillance of mosques in the United States.

Peter Thiel (tech industry): As a supporter of Trump, Thiel is exotic, because the controversial politician is extremely unpopular in Silicon Valley. Nevertheless, the co-founder of PayPal and major investor on Facebook has spoken out in favor of the tycoon. Thiel represents libertarian positions and wants to push back the state on all fronts. Thiel is critical of democracy.

Bernie Ecclestone (Formula 1): The British head of Formula 1 is not eligible to vote in November. Nevertheless, he has come out as a supporter of Trump. He would certainly be an excellent president, said Ecclestone. But the support is not really flattering. Ecclestone admires Vladimir Putin, commented positively on the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and praised Adolf Hitler himself.

Marc Faber (Investments): The Swiss entrepreneur is also not allowed to vote in the USA. If he could, he would certainly bet on Trump, Faber told. “I would vote for everyone except Hillary,” said the stock market guru with the beautiful nickname “Dr. Doom ».