Which game needs the most storage space?

Games with little storage space: Small PC games for single and multiplayer

Almost every day the game manufacturers throw new titles on the market, which trump each other with bombastic graphics and outstanding details. However, they also require a lot of space on the hard drive. Fortunately, it doesn't always have to be the latest 3D game for a lot of fun. Below you will find some small PC games for single and multiplayer that require little HDD space and that you can play on older systems without any problems.

Why do current titles require more storage space than older games?

The graphics in computer games are getting better and better, which makes them increasingly hardware and memory-hungry. It is therefore possible to generalize: the older a game is, the less storage space it needs on average.

Are there any current games that require little storage space?

Yes. The 2D battle royal game "Zombs Royale" from this article is played, for example, via a browser and therefore does not require any HDD storage space at all.

Are the small PC games cheaper than their "big" counterparts?

Since storage space savers are often older titles, you can usually get them for little money. In many cases, however, they are also completely free.


1. StarCraft Anthology: Battle of the Races

The real-time strategy game StarCraft was one of the most played strategy games in professional esports until it was replaced by its successor StarCraft II. In the meantime it has gotten a bit old, but is still very popular at LAN parties.

Set in the early 26th century, the science fiction adventure focuses on a galactic battle for dominance between three predominant races: The human terrans, the genetically engineered dwarfs, and the alien protoss. Each race has unique abilities and characteristics.

The game is divided into three episodes, each in which you command a different race. In addition to the basic game, the anthology package also includes the expansion "Brood War". The entire story includes 58 missions, which are spread over a total of 6 campaigns. In addition, there is also an extensive multiplayer mode in which you can compete against your fellow players in real time.

StarCraft is compatible with Windows (from 95) and Mac OS (from System 7.6) and requires just 80 MB of free hard disk space for its data.

Note: In Windows 7, you may need to enter Compatibility Mode to play StarCraft Anthology.

2. SimCity 4: I'm building a city

The build-up strategy game SimCity 4 has long since passed its heyday, but is still really good fun With the requested 1.6 GB, it also stays within limits in terms of space.

The main task in SimCity 4 is to build a city with a functioning infrastructure.

Your main task in the game is to build a city. What begins with measuring areas and determining grid squares then becomes a real one at the latest Challenge when it comes to providing electricity, water, hospitals, roads or regular garbage collection. If something doesn't work as it should, you will sometimes be confronted with protesting citizens.

Of course, leisure activities must also be taken care of. As the mayor, you are of course free to name the football station after yourself.

Unfortunately, SimCity 4 does not offer a “real” multiplayer mode. You can, however, help yourself by downloading city maps from a server or cloud storage (e.g. Dropbox) and loading them back again. The card is blocked for other users while you are editing it. In this way, a kind of region can be developed together with several players.

3. Factorio: In the territory of the aliens

In the business simulation Factorio you are stranded on a strange planet and must first go in search of raw materials and then of course also mine them. They develop an infrastructure, build factories and optimize mining and production routes. The aim of the game is to produce so-called “science packages” that you can use to research new technologies and advance the automation of your processes.

The aliens don't really like your presence and therefore don't miss an opportunity to make life difficult for you.

However, there is also a catch: The alien planet is already populated by aliens who are not exactly happy about your presence, and therefore never miss an opportunity to make life difficult for you. And because that's not enough, the nuisances develop even further with increasing environmental pollution.

The fight against the aliens can take place either alone or in multiplayer mode. There is also a free add-on in the form of a challenge package that can be used to add campaign challenges. Factorio requires around 1 GB of free space on the hard drive.

4. Quake I, II and III: Classic games with little storage space

Those who like it a little more action-packed will get their money's worth with the first-person shooter series Quake. The first title in the series was published in 1996 and takes up just 80 MB on the hard drive. But the successors Quake II and III also fall into our storage space scheme with 80 and 490 MB respectively.

The framework changes from part to part, but your task is always the same: You shoot as hard as you can and eliminate as many of your enemies as possible without killing yourself. While you can play Quake I and II as a single player, the third part is designed as a pure multiplayer title (and completely dispenses with a basic framework).

Good to know: Quake 2 was on the index in Germany until a few weeks ago. The Federal Testing Office for Media Harmful to Young People (BpjM) only lifted the indexing in August, which means that id Software can offer the first-person shooter in this country for the first time since 1997. Both the original version and the new edition (RTX) are available on the German side of Steam.

5. Zombs Royale: Fortnite for beginners

Zombs Royale is even more rudimentary: The 2D battle royale game does not take up any space on the hard drive. The game is played exclusively via a web browser, but apps for iOS and Android are also available.

Zomb Royale is played via the web browser - unfortunately including annoying advertising!

In the game from the American studio End Game you fight against your friends on a grid-like 2D playing field. You are surrounded by a blue circle (the so-called "gas") that is getting smaller and smaller.

While you hit each other with your fists at the beginning, you collect more and more weapons in the course of the game, which are hidden in boxes or buildings. Look familiar to you? The game is not known under the name fortnite.io for nothing.

In addition to the single-player mode, there are also various multiplayer modes in Zombs Royale, such as Duo or Squad. As the seasons change, new items, features, skins or locations appear. In addition, Limited-Time-Modes (LTM) are organized from time to time.

6. Minecraft: The die is cast

The space the open-world game Minecraft takes up on your HDD ultimately depends on how many maps you are already using. As a rule, however, you can get around quite well with the older versions with 150 MB. In the Pocket Edition for Android it is even significantly less with 10 MB.

Nice is different: the world in Minecraft consists almost entirely of cubes.

With cube-shaped blocks you build constructions in a 3D world and try to survive at the same time. Depending on the mode, there is no set playing time for this. You just keep tinkering for as long as you feel like doing it. The game is played first-person by default, but you also have the option to switch to the third-person perspective at any time.

There are a total of 5 game modes (creative mode, survival mode, hardcore mode, adventure mode, spectator mode) as well as a multiplayer mode, in which you can play and communicate with other players in one world.

Good to know:Minecraft was developed by the Swedish programmer Markus Persson and his company Mojang, which was acquired by Microsoft in September 2014 for USD 2.5 million.

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Games with little storage space: Small PC games for single and multiplayer
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