What is the benefit of guest posting

Guest Post

While the guest author of a Backlink on his website, associated with it trafficand of course more Range and potential customer respectively reader (depending on what the set goal is) benefits, the blog operator receives new, fresh and ideally high-quality contentwithout having to do much for it.

A different style, a different point of view or a different approach to a problem can not only be very interesting, but also attention-grabbing - and thus help your own blog in the long term.

For the guest author, it is worth writing a post for someone else's blog, especially if it is better known or ranks better (on Google & Co.) than your own. So guest posts are also a legitimate form of Self-promotion and Range increase.

How do I manage to place guest posts?

Communication with the webmaster of the portal that is to publish the guest post is of course the be-all and end-all. Many websites with editorial content invite guest authors directly to write a guest post and publish the corresponding guidelines that the article must adhere to - the most important is the one Added value for readers.

If you try to inflame yourself with a guest article, you will not find it very popular. However, the guidelines are read and become a friendly cover letter Very few webmasters will say “no” directly linked to a suggested topic that is relevant for the readers of the portal.

What problems arise from guest posts?

Through the inflationary use of guest posts a blog quickly loses its credibility. The posts of others should therefore used accentuated in order to still be understood as a special feature.

In addition, made a statement from the Google anti-SPAM boss Matt Cuttswho warns of guest articles because you abused for SEO purposes life is difficult for guest authors - but this warning only applies to inferior and above all unrelated to the topic (a fashion blogger who publishes a casino guest article).

What guest articles should actually do - high-quality, topic-relevant content - is of course not punished. Guest posts therefore also play an important role in terms of SEO.