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Introduction to Psychology

  • Learn flexibly in self-study; Independent of time and place
  • Learn while working
  • No prior technical knowledge required

What makes psychology so interesting? How can one understand the existence of the world and of man? This package gets to the bottom of these questions. Learn about the complexities of psychological research and social perception. In addition, the development processes of personality and modern clinical psychology are examined.

AKAD certificate
individually (approx. 12 to 14 weeks). The maximum duration of study is one year after receipt of the last teaching material.
Form of learning
Self-study with an educational portal / web teacher / online exam tasks
Place of execution
Self study
CHF 492.- (payment in installments possible without surcharge)
  • You will learn the basics of psychology
  • Understanding the complexity of psychological research
  1. 1

    No previous knowledge necessary

  • Topics, methods and problems of psychological research
  • Psychological schools from Freud to Rogers
  • Social psychology
  • Developmental and Learning Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology I - Description of Social Impairments
  • Clinical Psychology II - Attempts to explain mental impairments and possibilities of help

Supervision period

Your supervision period runs for one year from receipt of the last teaching material and can be extended by six months free of charge before it expires.

Online exams
After successfully completing the online exams, you will receive the AKAD certificate. You must take the exams within the supervision period.

If you have any questions about the content, you can contact a web teacher in the education portal.

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Costs & Financing

  • Miguel Pfyffer Zurich
  • Michèle KaltZurich

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