How did a vegan ruin your day

Every 1st November is World Vegan Day
Does life have to get more complicated?

There are noble arguments for veganism. However, it cannot be denied that the everyday life of the vegan is more complicated than that of the omnivore. The laborious procurement of food alone would make some people age faster.

According to Wikipedia, the then President of the Vegan Society, Louise Wallis, is responsible for the fact that World Vegan Day falls on November 1st - she liked the idea that Halloween is celebrated the evening before and All Souls Day the day after.

The butchers 'associations could not have placed the Vegans' Day better: on the one hand frightening pumpkin heads and pale ghosts, on the other human corpses. The right area of ​​tension to discuss a meatless diet. Because if veganism has something to face in the view of the majority, then it is the image of the emaciated, pale vegetable eater - who can only survive because the chemical industry kindly provides him with vitamin B12, which only occurs in animal substances.

However, this deficiency (which can only be remedied synthetically) does not stop there. To prevent a potential calcium hole, vegans should consume vegetables such as broccoli, kale, rocket, nuts (e.g. hazelnuts and Brazil nuts), legumes, meat substitutes made from soy tofu, calcium-rich mineral water or foods fortified with calcium. Which is quite feasible, but restricts the daily choice of food properly.

Undoubtedly, everyone has to decide for themselves how to ruin their body and put it in the pit.

In order to absorb calcium from food, the body in turn needs vitamin D, which the omnivore can absorb sufficiently from eggs, cheese, fish or animal loaves (even if it does not always make it). Vegans have to buy mushrooms or chanterelles in large quantities from the supermarket or in the forest (and preferably steam them in margarine with added vitamin D). The situation is similarly critical with certain fatty acids, vitamins, iron, iodine, zinc and selenium, according to the German Nutrition Society (DGE) in its current position paper on “Vegan Nutrition”.

Undoubtedly, everyone has to decide for themselves how to ruin their body and throw it into the pit: the Gnagi Fan tuts with animal fat, the sugar treat with bad carbohydrates. But both apparently like to eat each other to death.

And the vegan? His challenge is to avoid anything for a lifetime that, on closer inspection, could contain something of the animal. And at the same time, it is essential to make sure that certain indispensable substances are found in greenery, which is practically only found in animal products. That alone would make some people age faster.

It is not for nothing that the DGE recommends that vegans “have their supply of vitamin B12 checked regularly by a doctor” and “seek information and advice from a qualified nutritionist”. So: «Ask your doctor or pharmacist» if you want to live vegan. The noble motives of the vegans in all honor, but ultimately the question remains: Does life have to get even more complicated?

You can find the full report of the German Nutrition Society here.