What was Man's first word

How was the first word invented?

Of course, you don't know for sure, nobody from today was there at the time, and the script developed much later. There are only different assumptions about this, which sometimes have more, sometimes less supporters (but which can hardly be proven).

There is also the assumption that monkey utterances were "further developed" by humans, but there is also the assumption that these sounds and human language could be fundamentally different. The latter assumption is supported by the fact that some great apes have simple language skills (see "great ape language"), but that these have nothing to do with their utterances (for example, some monkeys can be taught a kind of sign language in which they do not have to speak verbally , but e.g. use symbols).


Of course there is the problem of agreement and reliability (see "Problems of reliability and deception"), and there is, for example, "Chomsky's single step theory" - also not without controversy.

There is also the "gestural theory" that language could be the further development of gestures. This also seems to fit with regard to brain functions, since these are "adjacent". It also fits in with what I wrote above about the "great ape language".