Are pc games better than consoles

Gaming PC or console

Gaming PC or Console: Which is the Better Choice?

Is a gaming PC better than a console?

Anyone interested in video games is inevitably faced with an important decision when buying a suitable platform: should it be a gaming PC or a console? While the ultimate goal should be the same immersive gaming experience, the two options are noticeably different. There are advantages and disadvantages on both sides.

What are the characteristics of gaming PCs and consoles?

Each user has to decide for himself whether he would rather buy a gaming PC or a console. The following comparison table is intended to compare the properties of the two platforms and thus help with this weighing.

Advantages and disadvantages of gaming PCs and consoles in comparison

Gaming pcconsole
Higher performance achievableEasy handling
Multifunctionality in addition to pure gamingOften more compact than a gaming PC
Individual adjustment to your own needsExclusive game titles specifically designed for the console
Advanced technologies 
Freedom in the choice of input devices 
Wider selection of games and often cheaper prices for them 
Extensions for the games through modding and tweaks 

There are three main arguments in favor of the consoles: First of all, commissioning, operation and the actual gaming can be carried out with this platform for almost everyone without any problems. However, handling a gaming PC is hardly a real challenge for any user these days.

Another argument in favor of consoles is the compactness of these devices. Although there are now also small computer systems, in most cases the dimensions are one Gaming PC case but a bit bigger. The slim consoles therefore often give a better picture, especially in the TV cabinet. However, we also offer extremely compact housings, which are sometimes hardly larger than current consoles and are still compatible with commercially available hardware.

For some gamers, there is also no way around a console, because the favorite game may be an exclusive title. A PC version of the title is either not yet available or will not be released for this platform at all. In the same context, it should be mentioned that there were occasional problems with the PC porting of earlier exclusive titles.

Gaming PCs with many advantages

Gaming PCs like the MIFCOM models have some advantages over consoles. In addition, there are properties that do not represent a reason to buy for every user, but make the platform more flexible and thus provide added value.
Starting with the power Gaming PCs can be equipped with significantly higher performance than consoles. From this follow, among other things better graphics, faster loading times and multitasking ability. In contrast to the competitive platform, PCs are no longer just suitable for playing games. The many other functions of a desktop computer increase the value enormously.

In complete contrast to the mass-produced consoles, with gaming PCs individual configurations put together. These can meet your own needs and focus on personal preferences.
Furthermore, the upgradeability is an unbeatable argument for the PC solution: While the latest consoles usually come with the latest technology, after one or two years there is often new hardware that offers significantly more performance. An upgrade is only possible with the computer platform, while in the case of the consoles a completely new device has to be purchased.

More freedom in gaming

Ultimately, there is also more freedom when playing. First of all, the PC allows a simple solution to the well-known dispute between users of controllers or mouse and keyboard, because the freedom with regard to input devices is unchallenged here.
As already mentioned, there are always exclusive titles that are not initially available in a PC version. Overall, however, it should be noted that with game libraries such as Valves Steam, there are definitely more games for the desktop than for consoles.
One advantage, which admittedly only interests a fraction of the users, is the option of modding and tweaking the games. Entire communities have been founded in a wide variety of game genres that offer improvements for all possible aspects of individual game titles.

There are many arguments in favor of buying a gaming PC. MIFCOM offers you solutions in a wide variety of price ranges that you can configure according to your wishes. However, you have to decide for yourself whether it should ultimately be a gaming PC or a console.