Why are you not lucky in love

According to the zodiac sign: That's why you're not lucky in love!

According to the zodiac sign: That's why you're out of luck in love!

Either the boys run away from you or the other way around - somehow it doesn't really work for you when it comes to love? It's been ages since you were really in love last time? Your zodiac sign could have something to do with ...


As a Pisces-born you are very sensitive and believe in the great love with princes and everything else that goes with them. However, this sometimes also makes you lose touch with reality. In your eyes, guys always have to be perfect in all areas - you often suppress the fact that people also shape corners and edges.


One or the other boy has already run away from you, as you easily tend to overwhelm your chosen one. Just like you, your sweetheart also needs his freedom and time for himself. When this is clear to you, nothing can go wrong in love.


One of the most dominant traits of the Taurus is his stubbornness. In a relationship, the whole thing could unfortunately be doomed for you. You rarely compromise, which is often the trigger for arguments.


With you, love is a rather complicated matter. When you have found someone who really blows your mind, only a little later you are afraid that somewhere on this planet someone better is slumbering. You should say goodbye to this thought - the right one will find its way to you all by itself. Have more confidence in life!


Similar to those born in Pisces, you are one of the more sensitive signs of the zodiac. Your ideas of great love are not quite as magical, but you can quickly be caught off guard by your feelings and often act out of an emotion. So give the things a little more time and reflect on the situation inside you.


As a Leo, you strive above all for praise and recognition - which can really annoy your sweetheart in the long run. The fact that you depend on his confirmation every day could make him feel like it's all about you. If you also respond to him, it will soon look very different in your love life.


You are a perfectionist - and that's a good thing. Only in love affairs could this property be a bit disruptive. Just imagine you had a partner who looked for every tiny mistake. This is exactly how your friend should feel. Sometimes it is better to keep little things to yourself or to express criticism in a positive way.


Even if you don't seem like that to others - behind your facade is a rather insecure person. You often doubt yourself. You lack confidence. If your crush confesses their love to you, it will take you forever to give them your trust. Patience is required - which unfortunately not every boy has ...


You let a lot go through you, you don't always come out with your opinion. This may seem easy for others at first glance, but in the long run this species turns out to be boring. Note: It is not bad to stand by your opinion from time to time.


You are pretty freedom-loving and enjoy adventures. You have to find the right partner who is just as restless as you are. A little tip: If you compromise and can even consider a weekend cuddled up in bed, love will soon look very rosy.


It takes some time until you open up to others and show feelings. Your fear of being hurt is too great - but sometimes you have to take a risk.


You are one of those people who find it far from easy to talk about feelings. Somehow that is part of a happy relationship. If you like someone, you have to be able to tell them that too.