Finasteride Propecia can cause prostate cancer

If you then notice that you are one of those men who show the described side effects, then of course you stop finasteride. However, there is now a risk that erectile dysfunction will persist for many months, if not years, or even permanently, despite stopping the drug.

It is therefore incorrect what was once suspected and reassuringly said to the patient, namely that the sexual disorders caused by finasteride only occur in the first six months of use and then - despite continued use of the drug - would disappear again.

Every fourth finasteride user is affected by a loss of libido or erectile dysfunction

The loss of libido affects 10 percent of patients when taking finasteride. Erectile dysfunction, on the other hand, occurs in 18 percent of finasteride users. That means 28 percent, i.e. every fourth patient who takes finasteride, is affected by these serious side effects.

As early as 2015, Professor Traish stated that the previous assumption that finasteride & Co. could be used to prevent prostate cancer is very unlikely to be true either. On the other hand, Traish and colleagues identified possible additional risks of the drug. Similar to dutasteride, it is said to promote the development of insulin resistance, as well as type 2 diabetes, vascular diseases and osteoporosis. Even psychological consequences are suspected, as there are various case series in which finasteride patients suddenly showed depression and anxiety.

Alpha blockers cause dizziness and hypotension

Alpha blockers such as Fortunately, at the current level of knowledge, B. tamsulosin show fewer side effects. As far as sexual functions are concerned, some patients experience what is known as retrograde ejaculations. The sperm then travels backwards into the bladder and does not exit the penis.

In up to 10 percent of patients, dizziness including fainting spells can occur because alpha blockers also function as blood pressure lowerers. This additional function can be beneficial for people who suffer from high blood pressure anyway. In people whose blood pressure was normal, however, the blood pressure may now be too low (hypotension), which is expressed in the above-mentioned attacks of dizziness. Digestive problems can also occur, but these are rare.

Natural remedies for benign prostate enlargement

Since benign prostate enlargement is a real domain of naturopathy, holistic therapy is often worthwhile.


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