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Bundeswehr paratrooper training: All information about training at a glance

Regardless of whether in the field of civilian professions or in the career direction of the teams: the Bundeswehr can be an interesting employer for almost everyone in Germany. Certainly one of the most remarkable professions and training courses is the paratrooper profession, or the associated Bundeswehr paratrooper training. It is obvious that this is extremely training-intensive and accordingly only selected applicants can be used as paratroopers in the Bundeswehr. In the following, we will show you how you can secure your training, what you need to consider and what you will do later as a Bundeswehr paratrooper.

Bundeswehr paratroopers: training and tasks at a glance

Paratroopers in the German Armed Forces work in an extremely diverse field and can be deployed at home and abroad. As a paratrooper Are you involved, for example, in repatriations from trouble spots or in the fight against rebellious forces. In addition, you usually act together with other arms and troops, such as armored forces.

As part of your Bundeswehr paratrooper training, you will of course be well prepared for this work. In plain language, this means that you are part of your training learn to jump safely with a parachute. At the same time you will also get the Handling of weapons and technical devicesbrought closer. Of course, you also have to be able to communicate with your troop members and to carry out their instructions correctly.

Bundeswehr paratrooper training: How to become a paratrooper in the Bundeswehr

Before you can proudly put on your Bundeswehr paratrooper uniform, it is quite a long process. It all begins with the fact that you first find out from the Bundeswehr which Bundeswehr paratrooper requirements exist. These are available for almost all Bundeswehr professions and must of course be considered before submitting an application. You can see here which requirements apply to you as a coming paratrooper in the Bundeswehr:

  • You have reached the age of 17
  • You have completed compulsory full-time schooling
  • You have German citizenship
  • You are ready to be transferred nationwide
  • You agree to take part in assignments abroad
In addition to the aforementioned Bundeswehr paratrooper requirements, you should note that you commit yourself after your training. As a temporary soldier, you will then be an integral part of the troops for two to four years.

Submit application for training

If you can meet all Bundeswehr paratrooper requirements, you can take the first step towards a career in the Bundeswehr and Submit your application documents. In any case, you should make sure that the documents are complete and leave a good impression. Which documents are required exactly, you can find out on the website of the Bundeswehr. Your application will be checked together with the other applicants' documents. If you have made a good impression, you will receive an invitation to take the Bundeswehr recruitment test.

You can also find out which Bundeswehr paratrooper training locations are available on the Bundeswehr website.

Mastering the recruitment test

The Bundeswehr recruitment test consists of different tasks. For example yourphysical conditions examined closelythat you have to prove in a sports test. After all, you don't just have to wear a Bundeswehr paratrooper helmet later in action, but also a whole range of equipment, which also includes Bundeswehr paratrooper boots. Accordingly, you have to be physically fit. In addition there will also be a computer-based test, an interview, a medical examination and possibly a psychological interviewbefore you can actually start your Bundeswehr paratrooper training.

In your later career you can receive various Bundeswehr paratrooper badges that define your rank in the force.

Bundeswehr paratrooper salary: what do I earn during and after my training?

Basically, it can be said that not only the Bundeswehr paratrooper uniform can be called tempting, but also the possible salary. Of course, you won't earn too much during your apprenticeship, but the earnings increase with the duration of the apprenticeship. When you later start your career, you can get a Bundeswehr paratrooper salary of around 1,800 euros net. Of course, this is by no means the last step, because you can advance in rank through foreign assignments, further training or courses and thus also increase your salary. For example, if you were a paratrooper in Afghanistan, you will of course be rewarded separately.

Conclusion: tempting career for suitable applicants

If you want to work as a paratrooper in the Bundeswehr, you have to be in top physical and mental health. The Bundeswehr will determine whether this is you in an extensive selection process including a recruitment test. In any case, you should prepare yourself well for this, because this is the only way you have a chance of your training as a paratrooper. The job itself attracts attention with attractive compensation options and an exciting everyday life.

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