What happens after someone signs a lease

Revoke the rental agreement? This is how the resignation succeeds

4. What are the consequences of withdrawing from the rental agreement?

With the withdrawal from the rental agreement loses this his validity. The lease has ended. For both contracting parties this means the following:

  • Tenant: After the cancellation period has expired, the tenant must leave the apartment and move out.
  • landlord: He must reimburse the tenant for the rent paid since the start of the rental, including additional costs and the deposit.

When handing over the apartment is a Handover protocol to be made with all defects and to be signed by both sides of the contract. Any repair and renovation work should also be part of the handover protocol. A third person can act as a Witness the delivery attend.

5. Not possible to withdraw? These alternatives have tenants to withdraw from the lease

If it is not possible to revoke the rental agreement, tenants have alternatives to terminate the rental agreement.

I. Ask the landlord for a termination agreement

As an alternative to revocation, you can ask your landlord for a rental cancellation agreement. The lease can be terminated early if both parties agree.

Content of a rental cancellation agreement:

  • Information on the tenant and landlord, the apartment and the date of departure
  • Concrete agreements on cosmetic repairs and the assumption of renovation costs
  • Agreements on the reimbursement of the rental deposit and operating costs
  • If necessary: ‚Äč‚Äčagreements with the new tenant
  • Place, date and signature of the two contracting parties

By making sure that with the termination agreement everyone requirements of the landlord compensated (e.g. to renovate the apartment), you can avoid subsequent claims.

II. Search for a new tenant independently

If a cancellation agreement is not possible, you can suggest a new tenant to your landlord who will take over your apartment before the notice period has expired.

The same applies here: The landlord is not obliged, one Accepting new tenants - You have to come to an agreement with him to withdraw from your lease early.

So you can check the chances of success of a Search for a new tenant increase:

  • Offer the landlord the apartment own expense towards portals advertise - this saves time and money.
  • Looking for a new tenant who can give you from Type similar is - hit z. B. as a single person, no family of four.
  • Take into account that the potential new tenants will Conditions of the landlord fulfill.


If you have to move to another city for professional reasons or if you need a larger apartment for family reasons, you can also use a lawyer to conclude a rental agreement with a minimum rental periodquit early.

If both contracting parties cannot come to an agreement, a lawyer can assist you. As a mediator, he can try to find a satisfactory solution for both sides. Describe your concerns & receive an initial assessment here.


III. Terminate the apartment properly

If you cannot withdraw from the rental contract early, the route of ordinary termination remains.

In the event of ordinary termination, you must pay the rent by Termination of the lease numbers. The statutory notice period is usually 3 months.

These points must be observed when you terminate the rental agreement properly:

  • The termination has written to take place - even if it is an oral rental agreement.
  • The termination of a lease can be do not withdraw.
  • In order for the current month to be counted, the termination must be on 3rd working day of the month arrive at your landlord.
  • Submit the cancellation by registered mail, because this way you have proof of timely delivery.

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6. FAQ on revoking a rental agreement
Can a rental agreement be revoked?

A signed rental agreement is usually binding. A revocation is only possible in exceptional cases - e.g. B. if the landlord has concealed defects in the apartment or an inspection was not possible in advance. The prerequisite for the revocation is that the landlord is commercially active and you want to withdraw from a rental agreement for living spaces.

When can I cancel my rental agreement?

You can revoke your rental contract in the following cases: a right of withdrawal was agreed in the rental contract, you concluded the contract by phone or email, the condition of the rented apartment is unreasonable or the contract was only concluded due to fraudulent deception or doorstep selling .

How do I get out of a rental agreement?

You can ask your landlord for a lease termination agreement. If he does not agree, you can also look for a new tenant yourself in order to get out of the lease early. If this does not lead to success, you have the right to ordinary termination of the rental agreement in compliance with the statutory notice periods.