How do I find ideas on blog topics

Finding Blog Ideas: 4 Outrageously Easy Ways

No matter how much momentum you started your blog with, at some point there will be a point where you run out of topics. It's just a matter of time.

Don't worry, it happens to all of us, me too.

What should you do when the time comes? Throw in the towel or blog less often?

Of course not! Instead, use one of the following 4 ways to come up with new ideas for your blog.

1) Spy on competitors

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How to find blog ideas from competitors without stealing - @SandraHolze> 4 ways to find blog ideas.

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You can often find the best inspiration among your competitors. I don't mean steal your competitors' blog articles, but see what works for them.

Enter the URL of a competitor or a blog from your industry on Quicksprout and then click on "Social Media". Now you get an evaluation with articles and how often they were shared on social networks.

The evaluation looks like this one.

Quicksprout provides you with evaluations with articles and how often they have been shared on social media.

Take the most successful, i.e. mostly shared, blog articles and think about how you can modify them for yourself. Remember, stealing is bad for your karma!

For example, I found the article Group Dynamics: 11 Facts About Teams You Didn't Know about on Career Bible. Now I could derive different variants for my blog from this.

  • Group Dynamics: 11 Facts About Facebook Groups You Need To Know
  • Group Dynamics: 3 Facts About Working With Freelancers
  • 11 Facts About Successful Blogs You Didn't Know Before

2) Search the web

What Google is to searching the web, Buzzsumo is to finding content. Buzzsumo is a content search engine that makes it easy to find new blog ideas.

You just type in a search term and Buzzsumo will spit out a list of blog articles that contain the search term. The articles are displayed sorted by popularity.

Buzzsumo is a content search engine that makes it easy to find new blog ideas.

Now you can use the found articles as a basis for your brainstorming again. I'll say it again: you want to get creative and NOT copy.

For example, I could modify this article to search for "blog topics" like this:
Original: summer slump? 44 topics for corporate blogs!

my ideas:

  • Summer slump? 30 online marketing ideas to keep your business away from vacation
  • Summer slump? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. Why you should be active right now
  • Summer slump: what content you keep your Facebook fans happy with

Tips for searching with Buzzsumo:

  • Find related topics so that you get lots of ideas. To find ideas for “blog topics”, I could also search for “blog writing”, “blogging”, “blog content” and so on.
  • Sort the search results by the social network you are primarily active on. That gives you even better ideas of what exactly goes down there best.

3) go inside yourself

You won't necessarily find the best blog ideas on friend Google.

My most commented blog articles are about my personal experiences and what I've learned from them.

Go inside and ask yourself what you have learned in the last few years, what mistakes you have made and what others can learn from them.

Here are a few tips:

  • Don't just focus on your success. Because your readers are most likely not as advanced as you are, it will be difficult for them to learn from your success story. Instead, share your mistakes, setbacks, or detours.
  • Be as detailed and transparent as possible so that your readers take away as much as possible. Don't be ashamed of your mistakes. Your readers will appreciate you all the more for your openness.
  • Give tips on how your readers can avoid your mistakes. The more concretely you convey how you turned mistakes into successes, the more practical benefits your readers will get from it.

4) Ask your readers

At the end of every blog article, you should ask your readers a question. Not only does this encourage interaction and bring you more comments on the blog. You also get to know your readers a lot better.

So if you want to find new blog ideas, scour your blog comments. Even if your readers don't ask questions there, you can use their comments as a hook for new articles. Often times, people share great tips, insights, and strategies that will be helpful to all of your readers.

Don't have that many comments on the blog yet? No problem. Ask the question where your readers' shoe pinches, or what they would like to learn from you, in your emails, email newsletters or on Facebook and Xing.

My advice:

Make a running list of questions that you keep adding to. So you always have good material for new blog ideas, email newsletters and social media posts.

Your blog guide

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If you follow these 4 steps, you will find more blog ideas than you can need. Put the best topics in your editorial calendar right away so that the next time you know what you want to write about.

Repeat the above steps every few months so you can keep coming up with fresh blog ideas.

What do you do when you run out of ideas? How do you manage to keep coming up with new ideas for your blog?