What was your worst moment with nudity

We showed ourselves naked?

When I was in the sixth grade (at the age of 11) before the first hour of swimming lessons at secondary school in the men's group locker room among my classmates as usual moved have and to be able to put on the swimming trunks that Underpants taken off my classmates at the time got me first laughed at.

I White until today not why exactly - probably just because I was naked at the moment, not because of certain physical features - but apparently they found pretty funnythat I simply mean, as I was used to Underpants taken off got to get the trunks in their place.

Then when they got to the point where you Had to swap the underpants for a bathing suit, they all have either wrapped in a towel and with a lot to and fro Changed pants underneath, or the Swimming trunks first pulled over the underpants and the Underpants then convulsively so that no one sees anything pulled away from underneath. - As would the normal for them.

Showered have them all after swimming too in swimming trunks and moving back afterwards was the same for them as getting dressed.

I then did it like them for the rest of the year for fear of being laughed at again and since we were forbidden to use the individual changing rooms.

Now, in the EF, the tenth grade, (with 15 years) shower I after every sport lesson (naked - even that doesn't seem to be a matter of course for some students) and is still used by some classmates stupid for this looked at.

Find why it mean classmate so bad to be naked among boys as a boy andhow do i get my Classmates too, looser withNudity and Deal with nakedness?