Why is Pakistan dying of cricket

Cricket: tragic accident - referee (17) dies in a cricket game

The deadly projectile has a core made of cork. This is firmly lashed with a cord. Four pieces of leather are sewn over this, six times together, which slightly dents the seam.

The deadly projectile is a cricket ball, weighing between 155.9 and 163 grams, with a circumference of 22.4 to 22.9 centimeters. A cricket ball that now hit the chest of 17-year-old Rafiqul I in Bangladesh. Which led to the death of the boy who had taken over the referee role at a game until the ball hit him badly.

"After the ball hit him on the chest," said local police chief Enamul Haque, "he collapsed immediately."

Rafiqul I was immediately admitted to the Dhaka Medical College Hospital after the accident that occurred on the Balur Math training ground. But there the doctors could no longer help him due to his already extremely critical condition.

Father rickshaw puller, mother housemaid

"He comes from a very poor family," said Police Chief Haque. "His father pulls a rickshaw, his mother works as a housemaid." Immediately after the death of their boy on Friday, mother and father immediately buried him.

In November 2014, the death of the Australian international Phillip Hughes shocked the cricket world. The 25-year-old was hit on the side of the head during a game and died of the injuries despite wearing a helmet. Hughes had suffered fatal cerebral haemorrhage from the impact of the projectile.