Why are Sedona rocks red

Route 66 Tour in Arizona

But if you stay south, you will discover a no less spectacular landscape - and one of the most beautiful cities in America: Sedona.

A few kilometers behind Flagstaff it suddenly becomes narrow and winding. The road plunges 700 meters through dense forests to Sedona. For the man or woman at the wheel, it is now a matter of concentrating even more on the road and, above all, not being distracted by the "ahs" and "ohs" that are more and more in the front passenger or back seat with every turn Pierce ear. But after 45 minutes, the driver can also enjoy the magnificent view.

Arrived in the land of the red rocks

We have arrived in the “Red Rock Country”, in the “Land of the Red Rocks”: Sedona is nestled between majestic monoliths made of sandstone and has been named the most beautiful place in the USA by the US magazine “Weekend”. But the reason for this is not just the breathtaking scenery that surrounds this small town with a population of 12,000. There is something else that casts a spell over you as soon as you get out of the car. Something that is difficult to put into words, something that obviously refreshes not only the eye but also the soul: Sedona is one of those places that seem to be filled with a strange magic of silence. Even or in spite of the tourists who push past the souvenir shops in the main street.

Max Ernst loved the magic of the place

One of the first artists to be fascinated by this magical place was the German painter and sculptor Max Ernst, who settled here with his wife Dorothea for three years in 1950. In addition to the silence, he particularly appreciated the pleasant climate, the mild, dry air and the unique light that hovers over this place. Sedona was still a sleepy town back then.

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It was awakened from its slumber by supporters of the "New Age" movement who came here in the 1980s. They still believe to this day that Sedona's rocks, cliffs, and creeks radiate electromagnetic energy. In their wake, more and more artists, seekers of meaning and other spiritual people moved here, which gives the town a charm that is rarely found in the USA. There are now more than 500 painters and artisans and 80 galleries here, and there is a small shop with spiritual and metaphysical products and services on almost every street corner.

Most tourists are drawn to nature, for example in the Oak Creek Canyon or with the four-wheel drive jeep in the bizarre rock formations up to 1500 meters high, which have such illustrious names as "Bell Rock", "Coffeepot Rock" or " Rabbit Ears ”. The best way to explore the area is to hike or cycle in the surrounding Coconino National Forest. To do this, however, you need a “Red Rock Pass”, which you can buy for 5 dollars a day in most hotels and visitor centers.

Definitely try: "Cactus Fries"

Even those who have slowly grown tired of the burger on their way through the states will breathe a sigh of relief in Sedona. The restaurants and bars offer first-class Italian, French, Asian and Mexican cuisine. You should definitely try the spicy "cactus fries" as an alternative to the classic French fries.

Speaking of "fries": The only McDonald’s in Sedona is located on 2380 W State Route 89a. Probably as often photographed as the red rocks. It was the only McDonald’s worldwide whose logo is not yellow on a red background. Instead, only a pale green “M” adorns the facade of the fast food restaurant. Nothing should disturb the eye of the beholder when the red, glowing rocks slowly disappear into the night and open the curtain for an almost lavishly magnificent starry sky.