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Inventory file templates

To create an inventory file, you need a copy of the template that you plan to use. A Inventory file template is a Microsoft Excel table that contains several columns in which you can enter the data to describe your products. Sellers use these inventory file templates to upload their listings to Amazon.de.

To get started quickly, you can use the abridged versions of the inventory file templates. These templates contain fewer columns because they are limited to the attributes that are used to create an offer on Amazon absolutely necessary are. You have the option of adding further product data to your offers at any time later using the standard version of the corresponding inventory file template.
The templates you need to create product pages and offers can be downloaded from this page. For category-specific inventory file templates, you must also download the current classification list (Browse Tree Guide).

Select a file template

Various file templates are available that you can use to upload your inventory to Amazon. Which file you use depends on your specific needs. It can be helpful to use different types of files for different purposes.
The main difference when choosing a file is whether you need to create product pages from scratch or whether you just want to map your offers to existing pages. In order to create a new page, you need to specify a number of product attributes in your file. In the case of an assignment, it is sufficient if you only enter the product identification such as UPC, EAN or ISBN and offer details such as condition, comments, price and quantity.
If you only want to upload listing information (like price and quantity) but not any product information (like title and description), you can use the inventory assistant (or the listing loader). For quick updates on prices and quantities, use the Prices and Quantities file. With these file templates you can easily upload or edit your listing information for products that are already available on Amazon.de.
The following table shows when you can use which of the available files.


File type

Application example


Further information

For creating and comparing products

  • The page does not exist in the Amazon.de catalog
  • You have the complete product information

Category-specific inventory files

The inventory file templates for each category are shown in the table below.

Product assignment only

  • The page exists in the Amazon.de catalog
  • You do not have the complete product information

Inventory assistant

The Listing Loader * can also be used.

To update the inventory

Only for quick updates of price and quantity information

File for prices and quantities

3 column format

Category-specific inventory files

Use the PartialUpdate function.

For offer data only

Inventory wizard, category-specific inventory files

The Listing Loader * can also be used.

Changing product data

Used to upload information for product pages

Category-specific inventory file templates

Use the "Add product" function for individual products.

To delete product and catalog information

Inventory assistant

Use "d".

* The Inventory Assistant and Listing Loader are similar templates but serve different purposes. The Listing Loader allows sellers to enter information in optional fields such as "sale-start-date " (Start date of the offer price) and "is-giftwrap-available "(Gift packaging). Either the Inventory Assistant or the Listing Loader can be used for simple assignments, although in most cases we recommend the Inventory Assistant. If more than one match is found for a product, you may find it easier to use the Listing Loader to solve this problem.

Please note:

  • The names of the inventory file templates do not always match the category names or product types displayed on the Amazon.de website.
  • To create an inventory file, you need a copy of the inventory file template that you plan to use.

Inventory file templates



Selection in the menu "Choose the file type"

Inventory assistant:
Upload your inventory for all categories in tab-delimited format to map to existing product pages. The inventory assistant cannot be used to create new product pages. Here you can find more information about uploading quotes using the Inventory Assistant.

Inventory wizard file template

Price and quantity: Edit or delete your existing inventory on Amazon by uploading just the SKU, price and quantity. additional Information

File for prices and quantities

Book assistant: (Standard) Upload your book inventory in the standard, tab-delimited format from Amazon to the Amazon catalog or add new book detail pages. use this Book wizardif you don't have the ISBN, UPC, or EAN for a book, or the book doesn't have an ISBN. We will assign the book to our catalog based on your information. additional Information

Book wizard standard template

Music assistant:
With the music assistant, sellers who offer products in our "Music" category can create multiple pages at the same time and assign pages to them. The "Music" category has its own inventory template that contains worksheets with instructions, information on product images, data definitions, examples, and valid values. additional Information

Music wizard file template

Video assistant:
Upload your video, DVD and Blu-Ray inventory in tab-delimited format from Amazon and add new product pages to the Amazon.de catalog. additional Information

Video wizard file template

For all other product templates (with the exception of UIEE), use the menu option Text file templates for all categories except BMVD.
 Note: Some templates contain macros to help you create files and upload your inventory.
With the help of these macros you can: Check the data specified in the files.

  • Upload your file directly from Excel.
  • Import files in TXT, CSV or XLS format and assign the data to the template fields.
  • Update your template with the current version.

For more information, see the following man pages: Using Macros in File Templates
 Instructions for downloading the inventory file templates
We do not recommend opening these files directly in the browser. Instead, save the files to your local computer and open them with a spreadsheet program.

  • Right-click the link for the file you want in your browser.
  • In the pop-up menu that appears, click Save As.
  • In the Save As dialog box that appears, choose a location on your local computer and click Save.

Category-specific inventory file templates

To create an inventory file, you need a copy of the appropriate inventory file template.

* Can only be used by pre-activated dealers.
** Disclaimer: This document does not contain the complete list of fields to provide information about the product you wish to sell. Please note that you are solely responsible for product safety. This also includes compliance with all legal and tax requirements. If the fields in this document are insufficient to meet all of the requirements, or if you would like to add more detailed information about your product, please use the standard version of the appropriate inventory file template.

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