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Houston: Another black man killed by police shots

Another incident of apparently arbitrary violence against blacks caused a sensation in the United States: On Saturday, police in Houston, Texas shot down the Afro-American Alva Braziel, who later succumbed to his injuries.

According to local media, police said Braziel was armed and refused to drop the weapon. Instead, he pointed them at the officers. Users of the social networks questioned this information from the police and asked for further investigation. Above all, they justify their doubts with a video that is supposed to show a different sequence of events. The pictures show a man who is supposed to be Braziel and who has obviously raised both hands when a police car stops near him.

The Alva Braziel case follows similar incidents in the states of Minnesota and Louisiana and the murder of five police officers in Dallas. The black Philando Castile was shot by a police officer in his car after a traffic control - the incident was only made public through his girlfriend's Facebook live video. The public only found out about CD seller Alton Sterlin, who was killed by police shots in Baton Rouge, through cell phone recordings.

Since then, the mood in the country has been heated, and concerns about an escalation have grown. In numerous cities across the country, thousands have been demonstrating mostly peacefully for days against police violence against blacks. However, violent clashes between demonstrators and police broke out in some cities - there were numerous arrests, including Baton Rouge.

Among them is the well-known activist DeRay McKesson of the Black Lives Matter movement. Police arrested him while he was filming the demonstration and commenting on the police's behavior. The reason for his arrest was initially unclear. He was later charged with blocking a freeway and was released on Sunday on bail of $ 500.