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How much do you earn at KFC?

KFC that for Kentucky Fried Chicken is a worldwide known and widespread American fast food chain that has opened more and more restaurants in Germany in recent years. As the name suggests, the restaurants mainly sell dishes based on chicken. With over 20,000 branches in more than 125 countries around the world, KFC is one of the largest international restaurant chains alongside McDonald’s, Subway and Burger King.

The company can look back on a long tradition since its beginnings in the 1930s. According to its own statements, the fast food giant still uses the one developed by company founder Harland Sanders in all of its restaurants Original recipe made from eleven herbs and spices, which gives the Kentucky-style fried chicken their special taste.

With the increasing spread in Germany, KFC is also being used by more and more people than possible employer Interesting. The gastronomy giant currently employs around 4,500 people in this country - and the number is set to increase. That is why we are taking a closer look at the company, what entry and career opportunities there are, which professions are generally sought and needed and what salary can be expected at KFC.

The company history of KFC - how it all began and how it became what it is today

The success story of the fast food chain begins quite unspectacularly in a small town in Kentucky. Harland Sanders, the company's founder, opens a petrol station in Corbin in 1930 and sells traditional, self-cooked southern dishes to travelers. Even then, the roast chicken, which is still known today, was on the menu, which for Sanders represents the epitome of American hospitality. Sanders ’Essen is quickly gaining recognition and popularity, so that a short time later he can open a restaurant right across from the gas station. In the following years, inspired by the brand new invention of the pressure cooker, Sanders developed a special high-pressure fryer with which he could not only prepare his chickens faster, but also improve their quality. Thanks to the new method of preparation, the poultry stays nice and juicy on the inside, while it is crispy fried on the outside.

When the construction of a new highway begins to threaten the existence of the restaurant, Sanders decides to share his business idea by focusing on the Franchise concept reflect. He travels across the country to convince other restaurant owners of his concept and his special recipe. In 1952, Sanders finally found his first franchisee in Salt Lake City and received from now on 5 cents of profit sharing from every chicken sold. With the help of this concept, Sanders can already offer his dishes in over 600 restaurants in the USA and Canada twelve years later. In 1964, he sold his shares in the restaurants, but remained the spokesman and brand ambassador for Kentucky Fried Chicken. In the following years, Sanders traveled all over the world and visited the KFC restaurants there. In 1968 the first branch opened in Frankfurt on Hanseallee KFC restaurant in Germany - the first of over 150.

1986 PepsiCo Inc. bought the rights to the restaurants and a few years later incorporated them into Yum! Brands off. Yum! With over 43,000 restaurants in more than 135 countries, it is one of the world's largest companies in the field of system catering and, in addition to KFC, also owns other fast food chains such as Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. There’s going to be a lot to do, right?

Training at KFC

In view of the size of the company, the fast food giant only offers a fairly manageable number of training opportunities. The company only offers the following two training courses for young professionals:

Specialist for system catering (IHK)

The training to become a specialist in system catering takes three years and is particularly suitable for school leavers with a secondary school leaving certificate or high school diploma. In terms of content, it is primarily about learning about everyday restaurant operations commercial knowledge. Topics such as personnel and employee management, marketing or cost analysis should prepare for later use in restaurant management. Those who entered without a high school diploma even have the opportunity to acquire their technical college entrance qualification at the same time, thus keeping the option of studying at a later stage open.

Specialist in the hospitality industry in system catering (IHK)

The focus of the two-year training course to become a specialist in the hospitality industry is in system catering gastronomic processes, Service topics and initial economic content that is taught practically in the company and theoretically in the vocational school. The secondary school leaving certificate is a prerequisite for admission.

Jobs and careers at Kentucky Fried Chicken

Of course, the fast food company also offers a wide range of job opportunities. From the cashier to the kitchen help to the classic office job in the KFC Brand Center, everything is included.

In the individual branches is the work area for the team members in everyday restaurant operations divided into three areas:

Most of the KFC employees belong to the so-called Front of House, the welcome committee for customers. This includes the service staff who serve the customer at the counter, hand him his order and ensure that the tables are always clean and usable for the next customer.

in the Middle of House it's about preparing the individual components of the menu. For this, several stations and devices in the kitchen must be able to be operated. Step by step, the individual ingredients are put together in defined processes and then packaged into the menu by the employees.

in the cookIn the area, i.e. the kitchen, the employees are responsible for preparing and preparing the dishes. With the help of the original recipes, the individual ingredients are put together and then grilled, fried and deep-fried. Here, for example, the typical KFC breading is served on the chicken.

You can join all three areas as an unskilled team member. Accordingly, neither a specific school leaving qualification nor a special previous education is required for these activities.

The following professions and positions can typically be found in one of the franchise restaurants or its environment:

  • Team member
  • Shift supervisor
  • Assistant Restaurant General Manager
  • Restaurant general manager
  • Area coach

While the largest group, the team members, work in the three areas of the restaurant business described above, the Shift supervisor responsibility for the smooth running of a work shift. He is also responsible for personnel, leads and distributes tasks, but also works actively in everyday restaurant life. The Assistant Restaurant General Manager is the right hand of the restaurant management (Restaurant General Manager) and is already taking on some higher-level organizational and commercial tasks. The Restaurant general manager has the big picture in mind, bears entrepreneurial responsibility and, at best, takes care of the well-being of employees and guests.

The is superordinate to the individual restaurant management Area Coach, who is responsible for all restaurants in a region. He takes care of training and further education, brings marketing measures and customer loyalty programs to the branches and oversees their implementation there, always keeps an overview of security and finances and is the link between the individual franchisees and the German company headquarters, the so-called KFC Brand Center. Theoretically, professional experience, commitment and appropriate further training make it possible to move up from a simple team member to one of the responsible management positions.

The KFC Brand Center in Düsseldorf iis the basis and control center for all business activities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark. There, important measures and actions are planned in the various areas such as operations, marketing, development, human resources, finance and IT, and new strategies and solutions are developed. Here people work in classic office jobs, but also in positions typical of the industry and company:

What salary does KFC pay?

KFC is a member of Federal Association of System Gastronomy and has thus undertaken to pay salaries in accordance with the Remuneration and collective bargaining agreement for system catering to pay. Hence the Salaries on par with those of other large fast food chains, But that also means that there is not really big money to be made in restaurants in particular. In gastronomy, people don't pay particularly well, that's not new.

If you ask around among current and former employees, the simple team employees in particular criticize the low wages, which are barely enough to live on. In tariff group 1, which should be the starting tariff group for many of the team employees for the first twelve months, the remuneration is currently 9.25 euros per hour, i.e. only slightly above the current minimum wage of 9.19 euros per hour. With full-time employment, this corresponds to a monthly salary of 1,563 euros. However, many of the team members work part-time, so they tend to get less. Depending on the experience in this position, a shift supervisor belongs to pay scale group 4 or 5 and therefore earns approx. 1,800-2,000 euros in the month.

The salary increases over various levels up to Tariff group 12, which officially applies to managers above the district manager level and to managers in administration with increased requirements. But even here it is Monthly salary of 3,502 euros, measured by position and responsibility, manageable. However, a look at some exemplary salaries at KFC that we researched shows that there are also positions that are paid above or above the collective bargaining agreement, especially at the Düsseldorf headquarters.

  • Restaurant General Manager: € 53,000–57,000
  • Site developer: € 53,000–57,000
  • Area Coach: € 58,000–63,000
  • HR business partner: € 63,000–68,000
  • Construction manager: € 97,000-104,000

By the way: according to the collective agreement, trainees receive 750 euros in the first year, then 840 euros in the second and, in the case of a third year, finally 940 euros per month.

Special payments, surcharges and other benefits

In addition to the salary, KFC also holds so-called Benefits, thus advantages or additional services, ready for his employees. You write on the flags, a lot of value longterm cooperation and to create a safe job for the employees. How reliable such information is remains to be seen and whether this is considered a benefit and should not be taken for granted is questionable. What should be a real bonus for chicken and fast food lovers, however, are those Food and drinks, the employees during their shift free of charge be allowed to consume. Also the Employee discounts, the KFC employee at the platform Corporate benefits received can be beneficial.

As a not financially tangible, but practical advantage in everyday life, the one communicated by the company Flexibility in scheduling work be seen. By working in shifts, the roster can be adapted to your own needs. This is particularly advantageous when you B. works alongside studying or other things such as caring for and looking after your own family have to be taken into account when planning your day.

Speaking of shift work: The collective agreement provides for Night work between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. a surcharge of 15 percent and for Holiday work a surcharge of 100 percent on the usual hourly wage. Sunday work however, it is paid quite regularly. Also the payment of Vacation pay and a special annual allowance, usually colloquially Christmas bonus called, is regulated in the collective agreement. Every employee who has been employed by KFC for at least 12 consecutive months on certain key dates is entitled to between EUR 415 and EUR 568 in July and December. The exact amount depends on the length of employment.

Conclusion: KFC as an employer

Who one flexible job in gastronomy is looking for and can imagine working in the fast-food environment, has the best chances at Kentucky Fried Chicken - even if he or she is unskilled, i.e. does not have the appropriate training in system catering. There are also in the area of ​​gastronomic management and management positions or in the administration of the franchisor numerous job opportunities.

An awareness of what makes money here can't hurt. KFC has been featured repeatedly in the media and by animal welfare organizations Factory farming criticized, which does not do justice to the species-appropriate living conditions of chickens and roosters. The criticism of animal husbandry also affects a lot of other employers, whether it is the fast food competition from McDonald’s, Burger King and Co. or producers of meat and sausage or other foods and consumer goods.

On the other hand, KFC is also an employer that is socially engaged. Every year the company donates and collects money as part of the “Add HOPE” campaign, with which they support the Bundesverband Deutsche Tafel e.V.

So there are both positive and negative points that speak for or against a job at KFC. Ultimately, it is up to each person themselves which criteria play a role when choosing an employer. As with most other system catering chains, KFC has them Opportunity to get a job relatively easily and to advance comparatively quickly. However, you have to be aware that the payment is typically rather low, especially in the restaurants.

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