What are some funny poems about Christmas

35 contemplative Christmas poems for every occasion

For the right Christmas mood, Christmas poems should not be missing. Write them down on a card or share them with your family. We have 35 beautiful, contemplative and funny Christmas poems - also for children.

The tradition of Christmas poems

The tradition of Christmas poems

There are many beautiful Christmas poems, some of which are also known to us as songs. Reciting, singing, sending and giving away poems at Christmas time has become firmly established as a Christmas tradition over time. It is simply part of our Christmas festivities, more for some families, less for some. But it is never too late to rediscover this special tradition for yourself and to make friends and relatives happy with a great Christmas poem.

Merry Christmas: 35 Christmas poems to give away and recite

Here you will find a wide variety of Christmas poems, including old treasures such as the over 200 year old poem “Knecht Ruprecht” by Theodor Storm and modern, short poems by unknown authors. Christmas poems have the advantage that you can simply write them on a Christmas card in addition to a few personal Christmas wishes. You don't need to write your own long text and think about how you can vary it for each relative. Just choose a different poem for each of your loved ones and write it down on a card.

Christmas poems are also wonderfully suitable as Christmas decorations or as gifts. Just write down your favorite poem or print it out and frame it. A few festive decorations and a curved font look especially Christmassy.

Beautiful Christmas poems

Beautiful Christmas poems

Beautiful Christmas poems are suitable for every type of contact: whether you want to send your boss or your work colleagues a Christmas greeting or want to bring joy to close relatives and friends. Beautiful Christmas poems show the most beautiful sides of Christmas and also put those in the mood who have so far avoided Christmas. Pick a nice poem and send it to your friends and acquaintances.

Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926)

The wind is blowing in the winter forest
The flock of flakes like a shepherd.
And some fir trees suspect how soon
She becomes pious and holy of lights;
And listen out.

She stretches the branches towards the white paths - ready
And fends off the wind and grows towards it
The one night of glory.

Advent star
Anna Ritter (1865-1921)

The Christ Child went through the forest
his veil hung on the branches,
he froze firmly in the winter air
and this morning shines like a loud scent.

I walk quietly through the Christ child's garden
A sweet expectation stirs in the heart:
Is the earth so richly considered
what did it bring me back then!

You think I saw the Christ Child
Anna Ritter (1865-1921)

You think I saw the Christ Child!
It came from the forest, the little cap full of snow,
with a red-frozen nose.

His little hands hurt
because it was carrying a sack that was really heavy
dragged and rumbled after him.

What was inside, do you want to know?
Your nose, your rascal pack -
do you think he's open the sack?

Tied up to the top!
But there was certainly something beautiful in it!
It smelled like apples and nuts!

Christmas carol for the little ones
Mia Holm (1845-1912)

A thousand angels fly today
Merry through the city
And a little tree in hand
Every angel has.

One looked at me kindly
Came close to me smiling.
Oh, and laughed and looked
Just like mom.

And I see his little tree here
Stand on the table
And I hear the angel softly
Go now and then.

Put down his pair of wings,
When he came into the house:
Still like mom
Looks like the angel.

Theodor Storm (1817-1888)

My heart is so frightened
this is the lovely Christmas season!
I hear church bells far away
tempt me to be at home
in fairytale glory.

A pious spell holds me back
adoring and astonished I must stand;
it sinks on my eyelids
a golden childhood dream come down,
I feel a miracle has happened.

Contemplative Christmas poems

Contemplative Christmas poems

Contemplative Christmas poems create a festive mood particularly well. They are often a bit nostalgic and tell short stories. It makes many remember their childhood and the ‘Spirit of Christmas’, that one certain Christmassy feeling that everyone loved.

Since Christmas is becoming more and more stressful today and the snow is missing more and more often, many miss the contemplative Christmas feeling. The calm no longer seems the same and there is no family feeling. In childhood everything seemed much nicer anyway. Contemplative Christmas poems help to restore this feeling and create a Christmas spirit.

Song in advent
Matthias Claudius (1740-1815)

Always a little more light
in the wreath that we wound
that he illuminates us so much
through the dark hours.

Two and three and then four!
What a glimmer around the wreath
and so we shine too,
and so the room lights up.

And so the world lights up
slowly towards Christmas.
And who holds it in his hands
knows about the blessing!

Christmas saying
(Ekaterina Panyutina)

Ice crystals work magic on the window
A Christmas wonderland
Of white mountains, tender forests
We all look spellbound.

In the background the candle warmth
The slight cold on my face
And anticipation that everyone
The best Christmas party promises.

But in the moment shortly before
Let us surrender to dreams
Between the wonderland out there
And our own in here.

O beautiful, glorious Christmas time!
Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben (1798-1874)

O beautiful, glorious Christmas time,
what do you bring joy and happiness!

When the holy Christian in every home
distributes his dear gifts.

And is the house so small
so the holy Christian comes in.

And everyone is dear to him like his own,
the poor and the rich, the large and the small.

The holy Christian thinks of everyone
each one is bestowed by Him.

So let's be happy and thankful,
he also thinks ours, mine and yours!

Knecht Ruprecht
(Theodor Storm, 1817-1888)

I come from outside of the forest;
I have to tell you, it's very Christmassy!

Everywhere on the pine tops
I saw golden lights sitting;

And up from the heavenly gate
The Christ child looked out with wide eyes,

And as I stroll through the dark fir,
Then it called me in a clear voice:

"Knecht Ruprecht", it called, "old fellow,
Lift your legs and hurry up fast!

The candles start to burn
The gate of heaven is open

Old and young should now
Rest from the hunt of life;

And tomorrow I'll fly down to earth
Because it should be Christmas again! "

I said: "O dear Lord Christ,
My journey is almost over;

I'm only supposed to go to this town
Where there are vainly good children. "-

"Do you have the sack with you too?"
I said: "The sack, that is here;

Because apples, nuts and almond kernels
Pious children like to eat. "-

"Do you have the rod with you too?"
I said: "The rod is here;

But only for the children, the bad ones,
It hits the part, the right one. "

The Christ Child said: "So it is right;
So go with God, my faithful servant! "

I come from outside of the forest;
I have to tell you, it's very Christmassy!

Now tell me how I find it in here!
Is it a good child, is it a bad child?

December 24th
Theodor Fontane (1819-1898)

Christmas again
The rest is getting smaller and smaller

But if I take the sum
Everything straight, everything crooked,

Everything wrong, everything right
All good, all bad -

All the effervescence pays off
But a real life out.

And being able to do this is the best
Probably at this Christmas party.

Funny Christmas poems

Funny Christmas poems

As is well known, one can argue about taste, and so is humor. Funny Christmas poems are not for everyone. Children will probably be happy about loose, funny Christmas poems that make the seriousness of the festival a little more exciting and fun. But the devout grandparents, who see Christmas as a purely contemplative festival, probably don't care that much. So think carefully about who you want to give a funny Christmas poem to.

Everything is in the air everywhere

Everything is in the air everywhere
a very special Christmas scent

made of cinnamon, orange, vanillin,
from frankincense and from fir green.

And when the roast smell
still mixed in with the Christmas air,

then the Nas ‘does not know what to do
and calls: "I'm fed up!"

Dog and cats have disappeared

Dog and cats are gone
the family sings freely

her songs every year,
as it always was at Christmas.

And has the last note faded away
is immediately sung again,

Hallelujah, it sounds loud,
when grandma beats the beat on the table.

Merry Christmas looks different
but unfortunately not in our house.

The Christmas rest ‘

Grandma sings the old songs
Grandpa covers his ears.

Again and again every year
it's gone, the Christmas rest ‘.

Burnt roast, bad wine

Burnt roast, bad wine,
all of that was still to be forgiven.

But that the dog is completely inanimate,
the carols bark loudly,

that the neighbors behind the house
unpack their grill,

that the postman is hiding
when the heavy package frightens him,

these are all the little things
that make Christmas for Christmas.

Waiting for the Christ Child this year

Waiting for the Christ Child this year
is different from what it used to be.

Mama scurries around excitedly
Papi still wonders why

the children are not nice
and where is the Christ child?

Grandma smiles happily
and waits for the ceremony

until grandpa finally discovers
the presents are hidden

instead of Santa Claus and reindeer sleigh,
the Easter Bunny asked

and has certainly also thoughtfully
Easter made for Christmas time.

Christmas very serious and quiet

Christmas very serious and quiet,
is not what everyone wants it to be.

Have fun with the family,
balls and balls with laughter,

enjoy the punch and finally,
there it comes as it has to come.

A little swip on Christmas night
has often brought a lot of joy.

Christmas poems for children

Christmas poems for children

Christmas poems for children are particularly suitable to be recited. The rhymes help the children remember the poems and the whole family can enjoy them. It is important not to put the child under pressure and to be able to laugh together when something is forgotten or promised. Christmas is a happy and contemplative time, everything should be taken with humor instead of exerting pressure to perform.

Let it snow
(Eduard Ebel 1839-1905)

Let it snow;
the lake rests still and rigid,
the forest shines like Christmas,
rejoice, Christ Child is coming soon!

It's warm in the heart
sorrow and harm are silent,
Worry of life fades away:
Rejoice, the Christ Child is coming soon!

Soon it will be holy night
Choir of angels awakens,
just hear how lovely it sounds:
Rejoice, the Christ Child is coming soon!

If tinsel and the candy canes

If tinsel and the candy canes
are hung in the tree,
it is already approaching with great strides
and Santa comes with his sleigh.
Then it's that time again:
Christmas - gift time!

Santa Claus is coming tomorrow
(Hoffmann von Fallersleben)

Santa Claus is coming tomorrow,
comes with his gifts.
Colorful lights, silver decorations,
Child and manger, sheep and bull,
Shaggy bear and leopard animal
I would like to have.

But you know our wish
you know our hearts
Children, father and mom,
even grandpa,
all, all of us are there
wait yours with pain.

(Heinrich Hoffmann, 1809-1894)

Grandmother saw a lot
Over the changing years.

Everything she says sounds beautiful and unique
And probably always hits the real thing

She still knows so deeply warm
To care for their love.
That's why the grandson also feels the swarm playing
With her you feel comfortable and secure.

And she looks in the manner of the old women
Pensive out into the distance,
Then it seems as if she can see the sky
As if an angel stood by her side.

Dear Saint Nicholas

Dear Saint Nicholas,
come to our house today
Teach us to think of the poor
let's share and give away,
Show us how to give happily
how to help and how to love.

The baked apple
Folk good

Children, come and guess
what is roasting in the oven!
Hear how it pops and hisses.
Soon it will be served
the corner, the cone,
the Kipfel, the Kapfel,
the yellow-red apple.

Children run faster
get a plate,
get a fork!
Locks on the beak
for the corner, the cone,
the Kipfel, the Kapfel,
the golden brown apple!

You blow and snort,
they look and swallow,
they click and taste,
they lick and lick
the corner, the cone,
the Kipfel, the Kapfel,
the crispy apple.

Short Christmas poems

Short Christmas poems

Short Christmas poems have the advantage that they are easier to remember and can therefore be recited very well. They fit into every card and do not overwhelm anyone who is grumpy about reading. The following Christmas poems are written in a rather modern style and are easy to read. Nevertheless, they too spread the desired Christmas spirit. They are therefore suitable for a wide variety of contacts in your Christmas greetings list.

The star
Wilhelm Busch (1832-1908)

One would almost have more sense
as like the three wise men from the Orient

and one might think that he would probably never be
traveled after the little star like her;

nevertheless, if now the Christmas party
lets his little lights shine happily,

falls on his sensible face,
he may notice it or not,

a friendly ray
the miracle star from that time.


Now the Christmas candles light up again
(Gustav Falke)

Now the Christmas candles light up again
and awaken joy in all hearts.
Dear parents, these days
what should we sing, what should we say?
We want to wish you on the holy feast
the most beautiful of the beautiful, the best of the good!
We want to thank you for all the gifts
and still want to love you better.

Christmas - the best time

Christmas - the best time
where in the shimmer of many candles
we should forget stress and arguments -
then peace draws into our hearts!

Glowing trees (extract)
(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Trees shining, trees dazzling,
Giving sweetness everywhere,
Moving in the shine
Arousing old and young hearts -
We have such a feast
Some gifts venerated jewelry;
We look up and down in amazement,
Back and forth and over and over.

O Christmas!
Niklaus Lenau (1802-1850)

O Christmas! Christmas! Highest Celebration!
We cannot believe their delight.
She wraps her sacred veil
the most blessed secret tight.

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