What does the Koran say about marriage

For many Muslims, a loving marriage is not only part of life, but also part of their faith. The Koran says that women and men should treat one another with respect and support one another. This is to be ensured by a division of tasks.

According to the Koran, Muslim men are responsible for the financial support of a family. Women are allowed to work and earn money if they want to. They should then actually freely dispose of their salary. However, most families today cannot live on a man's salary alone. Therefore, the wages of women are often used as household money.

Women are traditionally responsible for the family. Above all, they make sure that the children are well. However, they are not solely responsible for the household. Especially in large families, a married couple should run it together or hire a housekeeper to support the woman.

Mohammed helped too. In one hadith it says:
  • The prophet came home and did the housework.

Your questions about marriage and family in Islam

Where can I find help with questions about partnership, sexuality and the religious way of life in Islam?

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